Hogwarts Legacy – All 24 The Great Hall Field Guide Pages

February 15, 2023
Click here to find the Field Guide Pages in the Great Hall area!

Gathering knowledge is an important academic part of your studies at Hogwarts and there is no way better to accumulate information other than collecting Field Guide Pages. Collecting these pages will allow you to increase your level by acquiring experience which can be pretty handy if you are looking to get better quality gear, more health bars etc.

This guide will tell you the location of all the Field Guide Pages found in The Great Hall area.

All 24 The Great Hall Field Guide Pages

There are a total of 24 Field Guide Pages that can be found in the Great Hall area and most of them are easy to find. The 1st page is located near the Boathouse by the river outside the castle.

Head over to the back side of the Boathouse and use the Revelio spell to find the first page near the boat docked near the pillar.

The 2nd Field Page is also located in the same area and can be found by heading into the boathouse where you need to light up the blowtorch towards the end to reveal the 2nd page.

To find the 3rd Field Page, head over to the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame location. Head up the stairs and then turn left into the passage. Go straight and then jump down below to use the Lumos spell.

Climb up the stairs and then proceed straight until you reach the corner where the statue is located.

The Lumos spell will attract the butterfly and take you back to the location of the mirror to reward you with the 3rd Field Page.

The 4th Field Guide Page can also be found in the same area by heading towards the right and accessing the door to travel to the Underground Harbour. Inside the docks, go straight towards the end you will find the page near one of the docked boats with the Revelio spell.

To find the 5th page, travel back to the Viaduct Courtyard and climb up the stairs and then turn right at the corner to traverse through the courtyard. Cast the Levisio spell at the statue to grab the fifth page.

For the 6th Field Page, turn left to head into the open area and enter the main gates of the castle. Use the Revelio at the Hogwarts Emblem and the page will appear in front of your eyes.

To find the 7th Field Page, turn right from the Emblem and head down the stairs after entering through the door. Turn right and then head towards the fancy wooden door. Cast the Revelio spell at the white pillar to collect the seventh page.

For the 8th page, head back through the door you just entered, proceed straight and then turn left to use the Lumos spell at the black mirror. Go straight and then turn right to climb up the stairs.

Take the 2nd left in the hallway and then you will find the butterfly near the white pillar. Follow the butterfly back to the location of the mirror and you will be able to grab the eighth page.

To find the 9th and the 10th page, go to the same white pillar by heading up the stairs where you found the butterfly and then proceed straight from there towards the locked wooden door. Use the Alohomora spell to unlock the door and you will find the ninth page near the desk.

Exit the room and then turn right where you will come across another locked steel door. Use the Confrigo spell to light up a fire and then grab the tenth page.

To find the 11th,12th and 13th page, go straight and then turn right into the locked steel door with a bent doorframe.

Unlock the door and then proceed straight to turn left and enter the large hall with floating candles.

Use the Revelio spell to highlight hidden objects and find the pages in the different corners of the room, especially near the walls.

After you have found all three pages, exit the area the same way and then turn right in the hallway to go up the staircase.

This will take you towards the entrance where the Hogwarts Emblem is engraved. Here you need to climb up the stairs on your left to cast the Leviosa spell on the statue to reveal the location of the 14th page.

For the 15th and 16th pages, proceed further through the stairs and you will see the 15th page flying in a book. Use the doors on the left and then turn left into the corner of the statues where you will find the 16th page by casting the Revelio spell.

To find the 17th page, turn towards the opposite side and then go straight by heading down the staircase. Turn left and traverse through cascading stairs until you reach the floor below to collect the seventeenth page near the pear painting.

For the 18th and 19th pages, hold X to tickle the pear near the painting and it will open the hidden door allowing you to access the dining hall.

Use the Revelio spell inside to collect the 18th page near the table and the 19th page near the wine barrels.

There are also a couple of chests that you can find in the area so make sure to collect them for some extra loot.

To collect the 20th and 21st pages, head over to the Great Hall  Floo Flame location.

Use the Revelio spell there to grab the twentieth page whereas the twenty-first page can be found near the owl statue at the end of the hall.

Finally, to collect the last three pages: 22nd,23rd and 24th, exit the dining hall to head outside.

Here you will find the 22nd page flying in a book whereas the 23rd page can be collected near the statue.

Last but not least is the 24th page which can be found by heading inside the dining hall and then going up the staircase. Use the Confrigo spell to destroy the owl and collect the last page.

That’s it, you have successfully collected all the Guide Pages in the Great Hall area!

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