Hogwarts Legacy – All 16 Feldcroft Region Merlin Trial Puzzles

February 12, 2023
Check out this guide and discover all 16 Feldcroft Region Merlin Trial Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy is really setting some new standards in the same game category. There are many interesting quests and puzzles you`ll need to get done and Feldcroft Region Merlin Trial is one of them. There are in total 16 puzzles of this type, so if you want to save up some of your time read the text below and see how to solve all of them. Let`s start!

All 16 Feldcroft Region Merlin Trial Puzzles

The main purpose of this puzzle is to relieve the old “witch“ by solving different types of assignments and crushing different totems.

Around Feldcroft there are in total 16 puzzles of this type, all located in different places from this area. It`s better if we separate them so you can see the clear task in it.

Merlin Trial Puzzle 1

Starting from the green land field of Feldcroft:

The whole process in every place starts with the same procedure, which is: throwing leaves, doing the assignment, and waiting for the magic to happen.

In this specific one, you need to destroy the round stones that are located in pairs on a different sides. Just search around and crush them.

Once they`re done the trial starts!

Merlin Trial Puzzle 2

Second Marlin Trial from Feldcroft Location:

This time we have the same start and instead of crushing we fire the braziers located around. Make sure you take care of all of them.

Merlin Trial Puzzle 3

Next Merlin Trial in Feldcroft starts from this area:

One more round of crushing, only this time you need to destroy the pillars. Good luck with them!

Merlin Trial Puzzle 4

Time to activate Lumos!

The 4th Puzzle from this trial starts from this area:

Search around and collect all of the sparky insects, and use Lumos to put them all in the stone boxes, so-called Firefly stones.

Merlin Trial Puzzle 5

The next pair of stone pillars that you need to crush, so you can finish the 5th Merlin Trial puzzle, is located in this area of Feldcroft:

Merlin Trial Puzzle 6

Puzzle number 6 has the same purpose, only this time we have the round stones again. I really adore crushing this one.

Merlin Trial Puzzle 7

Next, you need to go to this area of Feldcroft:

In this one, you`ll need to take the big ball located at the main starting circle where you throw the leaves and put it in the hole located on the beach.

Before taking the ball there you will need to battle the spiders. Get ready sometimes they aren’t easy to crush.

Merlin Trial Puzzle 8

The 8th puzzle is about destroying another pair of stone pillars, this time in this area of Feldcroft.

In this puzzle, you won`t need to search the area because all of the stones you need to crush are located around your starting position. Aim and get it done!

Merlin Trial Puzzle 9

Have you ever solved a puzzle by only stepping on the ground?

Well in Hogwarts Legacy that`s an option as well. You need to start the 9th puzzle from this location:

Once you`re there just step on the stone platforms placed in the water, jump and pass all of them. That`s the only thing you need to do and solve the puzzle.

Merlin Trial 10

Fire the three braziers located in that area in order to finish the 10th puzzle.

One of the easiest one to solve, you don’t need to move at all just change the view.

Merlin Trial Puzzle 11

3 more round stones to crush. Puzzle number 11 is as well a piece of cake and really easy pass. Start from this area of Feldcroft:

Simple as that!

Merlin Trial Puzzle 12

Stop there pal! Time to repair some of the damage you`ve caused.

Starting from this point of Feldcroft:

Repair the statues with using the correct spell, there are around 4 of them and once they are in one piece the puzzle is done.

Good Luck!

Merlin Trial Puzzle 13

Throw the mallow sweet leaves again, this time starting at this point of Feldcroft.

Not much to do or something new here, crush the pillars. All of them!

Merlin Trial Puzzle 14

Jump and dump!

One more of those stepping puzzles where all you need is your feet and a wish to jump. Pass the platforms that are near your starting position.

Once you step the last one the puzzle is done and you`re free to get the next puzzles.

Merlin Trial Puzzle 15

This merlin trial puzzle is located on the very north side of the Feldcroft Region.

Once the trial has been activated, you will need to rotate the stone blocks and align the perfect symbols that are engraved on it.

There is a total of 3 stone blocks that need to be aligned perfectly. Take your time here and once they have been aligned, you will complete this Merlin Trial.

Merlin Trial Puzzle 16

And the final Merlin Trial puzzle for the Feldcroft region is located at the very northeast border of the region.

Once you’ve activated the Merlin Trial, you will have 5 stone boulders that you need to break with your Confringo spell.

Note that you will need to get on top of the wooden platform if you want to spot the final stone.

And there you have it, gamers! That is how you can solve all 16 Merlin Trial puzzles for the Feldcroft region in Hogwarts Legacy.

Keep in mind that most of these trials are simple and some may require you some time until you’ve completed it (Mainly the rotating stone block puzzles).

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