High on Life: Carried Stan’s Load To Completion Achievement Guide

High on Life is a crazy game filled with a bunch of achievements. Here you will go to an intergalactic universe and get to see how the alien world lives. You will be poisoned by some alien saliva and will learn their language. Some things in this game are pretty crazy, even the achievements.

This guide will show you how you can get the “Carried Stan’s Load To Completion” achievement in High on Life.

Carried Stan’s Load To Completion Achievement Guide

This achievement will take place in Blim City. Here you need to speak to an NPC and select the “I’ll buy some cum” option.

This NPC’s name is Stan.

Once you’ve chosen the correct option from Stan, you will obtain a Gallon of Alien Cum and get the achievement automatically.

NOTE that this NPC will only spawn after you’ve successfully finished the third bounty.

We hope this guide helped you get the Carried Stan’s Load to Completion achievement. There are many more in High on Life. Stick around for more!