High on Life: BEST Optimization Guide High on Life – Max FPS

High on Life is a brand new fantasy game that introduces a ton of interesting events. You are a regular person and out of nowhere, an alien attack occurs in your block. You somehow manage to grab an alien gun, get infected and speak with it. And all of a sudden, you become a bounty hunter! Isn’t that cool?

This new game has high-end graphics and some players may encounter FPS drops, meaning that you need to optimize your game to make sure you enjoy that smooth movement.

This guide will show you the best optimization settings to get the most FPS in High on Life.

BEST Optimization Guide High on Life – Max FPS

If you want to get the most out of your game, the first thing before booting it up is to close up as many background applications as possible. This will free up space and ram, as well as reduce the usage of the GPU.

If you happen to have a GPU application that manages how your gpu works, I suggest placing the GPU in turbo/performance mode which will allow it to pull as much power as possible, as well as try to keep your device cool.

In-Game Video Settings

Once you boot up the game, open up your settings and go straight into the Video tab.

The very first thing that you want to do is to change the Window Mode to Fullscreen.

Making the game to be fullscreen will allow you to get the most FPS possible. The resolution should be the same as your display, you can always lower it a bit to get a bit more FPS if you don’t mind a blurry screen.

Disable the Vsync and Motion Blur. The motion blur in this game is slightly higher and there is a bit more blur than regular games. It may decrease the FPS whenever you move around.

Change the graphics quality from Low to Very High and test out each module to see which one will suit you best and get you the most FPS as well as getting better graphics.

You need to know how much your Graphics Card can take. Do not force it to high graphics if you just get low FPS. You may burn it.

Advanced Settings

In the advanced settings, you can change many different options that you like for the game. My best preference for the best optimization on High on Life is the following:

  • View Distance Quality = Low
  • Anti Aliasing Quality = Low
  • Shadow Quality = Medium
  • Post Process Quality = Low
  • Texture Quality = Very High
  • Effects Quality = Low
  • Foliage Quality = Medium
  • Mesh Quality = High

With these options set up, you will remove the small details which really make a drastic change in your FPS. For example the View Distance and Anti Aliasing settings are not needed as you don’t need to know how far your game can upload graphics.

And that’s about it gamers. Do make sure to fiddle with your video settings a few times if you want to get the best performance from your game.

Note that the given settings here are not meant for low end or high end GPU’s.