Hello Neighbor 2: Final Boss Fight & Ending

Hello Neighbor 2 has you coming back to Raven Brooks as a local journalist investigating and following the missing persons reports. This leads you back to the abandoned house of The Neighbor from the previous game.

In this last section of the game, you will have to look for items while avoiding The Neighbor in order to finally escape the house. Here is a guide on the final boss of Hello Neighbor 2.

Final Boss Fight & Ending – Hello Neighbor 2:

You will begin this whole final sequence after reaching the attic and freeing Aaron from the prison.

The Neighbor, Theodore, will appear behind you and will grow angry. He will grab you and place you inside the prison.

The prison door has a colored numerical lock that is obstructed by some cobwebs. There will be some scissors on the desk by the bed behind you that you can use to get rid of the cobwebs. Now all you need is the combination.

Inspecting the prison cells closely, you will notice that there are a few color coded numbers scattered about:

  • A red 0 by the alarm clock
  • A blue 2 by the bed
  • A purple 5 and a green 7 on the board game
  • An orange 3 by the changing screen.

You will notice that the numbers on the lock will be upside down, that is because the correct code needs to appear on the outer side of the door.

You can see what that looks like from one corner of the cell.

Once you’ve input the correct code, the door will open.

Be wary as Theodore will be patrolling the rest of the house as you try to get out. Once he catches you, you will be placed back into the prison cell.

Your next obstacle will be a red lock and wooden planks blocking the entrance.

You will have to look for a red key and a crowbar to pry them off.

The red key will be inside a locked fireplace.

You will have to get the fire extinguisher in the hallway and use it to put out the fire. You can then grab the key.

Next will be the crowbar, which can be found in a glass display to the right of the door.

You can break the glass, but it will be sure to alert Theodore so grab the crowbar and quickly run away.

Once the coast is clear, return to the exit door and pry off the boards.

Open the door and watch the final cutscene of the game play out. Congratulations, you’ve beaten Hello Neighbor 2!

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