Harvestella: Crops Profiting Guide

November 9, 2022
Grow these crops to earn the highest profit in Harvestella!

Harvestella is a role-playing fantasy life simulator where players need to create their own base, explore the open world, maintain their crops, make new friends and fight against enemies. You will need to cooperate with your allies to overcome the threat called Quietus that comes with every changing season as you travel across different settlements on the world map.

Since farming is a key part of the game, it is important to know the most profitable crops so you can earn a good amount of money by selling crops that you grow on your farm. You will need to deposit these crops into the Shipping Box after the harvest to get your money.

This guide will tell you about how to earn profits from crops in the game.

Crops Profiting Guide – Harvestella

The best crops are the ones that will help you earn a lot of money and since there are four seasons in the game, you will need to grow different crops depending on the current season.

Do note that in case you forget to harvest those crops before the end of the season then the crops will perish due to the arrival of Quietus.

 Apart from that, some crops can only be grown and harvested in specific biomes such as a cave or water-based biomes.

You will also need to deposit your crops into the Shipping Box at the end of the day if you wish to sell them and earn some money on the next day.

That being said, the first crop that you plant on your farm is the Stellar Wheat which can be purchased for 40 Grilla from the General Store in the Lethe Village.

Planting this crop will take approximately two days and can be sold for 55 Grilla. You can also feed your livestock with it or use it to create flour for your own consumption.

The second crop on the list is the Carrops which is one of the first crops that you will plant in the game. You can buy the seeds for the crop for 105 Grilla from the General Store in Lethe Village and it can only be grown during the Spring and Summer season. It can be sold for 115 Grilla and takes 1 day to grow.

The third crop is the Dress Lettuce which can be purchased for 55 Grilla from the General Store in Lethe Village.

You can plant it during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons and it requires 2 days to grow. Once harvested, you can sell it for 85 Grilla to earn some sweet profit.

The fourth crop on the list is the Nemean Tomato which can be harvested repeatedly so you don’t need to buy seeds every time and plant them each season by simply leaving the tomatoes in your field. You can purchase the seeds for 170 Grilla and they can be grown during the Spring or Summer season.

It will take approximately 5 days for them to grow and you can sell them for 65 Grilla each.This is actually less than the price of the seeds but given the fact that you can repeatedly harvest them, you will be earning a profit anyways.

Last but not least are the Cucumbles which are the most expensive crop to purchase as the seeds cost 370 Gilla in the General Store.

Thankfully, you can harvest them multiple times similar to the Nemean Tomato and you can grow them during the Spring season.It takes around 4 days for them to grow and you will be able to sell them for 200 Gilla each which is a bit low but you will eventually have a profit because of the ability to harvest repeatedly.

There are also other crops that can help you earn a lot of money such as the Islet Watermelon,Moroccorn,Seatide Garlic, Latern Pumpkin and the Chilly Plant. However, the catch is that some of these crops take upto 12 days of time to grow and are available for a limited season such as Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter.

That’s it, now go ahead and grow these crops to start earning money quickly in Harvestella!