Halls Of Torment Characters List

May 30, 2023
Take a look at all the characters available in Hall of Torments!

Halls of Torment is a roguelite survivor title where you need to use everything at your disposal to stay alive till the end. The game features more than seven different characters each with a unique set of skills and abilities that you can choose according to your playstyle.

This guide will tell you about the complete list of characters present in Halls of Torment.

Characters List

Currently, the game offers 7+ heroes that players can choose to survive across three stages. Each of these heroes has their own traits, characteristics and skills that help them differentiate from one another.

Let’s take a look at each character that you can unlock in the game:

1. Archer

The first character is the Archer which as the name suggests is best suited for ranged players. She uses her old-school bow to target enemies at a distance and her default attack can fire two cone-shaped arrows at once.

This way you can target multiple enemies at once or hit a single enemy multiple times. Being a ranged character, she has the highest CRIT than any other hero which makes her a worthy contender on the battlefield.

However, the lack of defensive skills means she may not survive for long if she takes too many hits. Thankfully, her highly mobile and agile nature allows her to dodge incoming attacks and stay focused on her enemies. You can unlock her by completing the “Caverns Survive 1” quest

in Haunted Caverns.

2. Cleric

The second hero on the list is the Cleric who uses his staff to hunt down enemies. His large stick-like staff allows him to hit multiple enemies at once causing an AoE effect.

The unique thing about his attack is while it can hit multiple enemies at once, the damage gets equally divided among each of them. This can cause lower damage output in comparison to other heroes where the attack is equally damaging on all enemies. If there is only one enemy then full damage will be dealt to him.

While the Cleric may not have the highest attack speed, his attack can be quite powerful and brutal causing even the mightiest of enemies to fall which makes him a great choice. You can unlock it by completing the “The Lich” quest in Haunted Caverns.

3. Exterminator

The Exterminator is a ranged hero similar to Archer who uses a flamethrower instead of a bow and arrow. His default attack allows him to blow fire towards the enemy in a straight line making it ideal for targeting multiple enemies at the same time.

He also has a lightning-fast attack speed that allows him to target enemies quickly and easily. All the enemies that you burn using the flamethrower will also take extra damage over time.

The only downside of this character is the low defence and base damage as compared to other heroes which can make him vulnerable at times. If you are an experienced player who can master the speed and power then you can easily outmanoeuvre your enemies. The Exterminator can be unlocked by completing the “Kill Enemies 1” quest in Ember Grounds.

4. Shieldmaiden

5. Sorceress

6. Swordsman

7. Warlock

Do note that some of the characters are yet to be unlocked in the game hence their detailed traits and characteristics are currently unavailable.

That’s it, these are the complete list of characters available in Hall of Torment!