Gwent: Crafting Guide

July 9, 2022
Check out the Crafting Guide for Gwent!

Gwent is a strategic online card game of choices and consequences where skill, is your greatest weapon. As in many other games, crafting is one of the most important things that you have to know about before you start the journey in Gwent. Normal and premium cards can be crafted using scarps, and also normal cards can be transmuted into premium cards using Meteorite Powder, destroying the normal card in the process.

In this guide, we will tell you all about Crafting in Gwent!

Gwent: Crafting Guide

Gwen Cards are divided into groups, rarities, factions, and positioning. Each of the cards in Gwent belongs to one of three groups: bronze, silver, and gold. There is also a limit to the different designations, which means that a deck can only be made up of unlimited bronze, six silver, and four gold cards.

Gwent has cards with four types of rarities:

  • Common: which could show in the bottom-right corner of white color
  • Rare: which could show in the bottom-right corner of blue color
  • Epic: which could show in the bottom-right corner of purple color
  • Legendary: which could show in the bottom-right corner of orange color

Each card in Gwent has its own faction and the card must belong to one of the six factions, including Neutral, Monsters, Nilfgaardian Empire, Northern Realms, Scoia’tael and Skellige and the corresponding colors are Browns, Red, Black, Blue, Green and Purple.

Also, each card has its own position, including Melee (Front), Ranged (Middle), and Siege (Back).

How to craft premium Gwent cards?

In order to craft cards, you will need to have scarps, which you can obtain from the daily rewards and your unwanted cards. If you want to mill your unwanted card and depending on its rarity, you can get different amounts of scraps.

By destroying premium cards, you will obtain the same amount of scraps as well as the normal cards, but you get extra Gwent Meteorite Powder when you destroy premium cards.

Once you collect enough scarps by collecting the daily rewards and destroying the unwanted cards, you can start using the scarps and craft one of the cards which are going to be most beneficial in your deck.

If you want a premium card, it can be crafted by using scarps, which is the same way as normal cards. Also, there is another method, if you have normal cards in your inventory, you can use them to transmute them into premium cards combined with the Gwent Meteorite Powder.

Normal cards can be destroyed by Gwent Meteorite Powder in the transmuting process, which same as the premium cards will reward you with scarps. Because the transmuting will grind out a card and that card can be milled into a premium, there won’t be a transmute button on those cards.

Destroying each type of card will get you a different amount of scarps.

  • Common cards: get you 10 Scarps
  • Rare cards: get you 20 Scarps
  • Epic cards: get you 50 Scarps
  • Legendary cards: get you 200 Scarps

If you want to craft cards, they will require a specific amount of scarps depending on the rarity.

  • Common cards: require 30 Scarps
  • Rare cards: require 80 Scarps
  • Epic cards: require 200 Scarps
  • Legendary cards: require 800 Scarps

This shows that players can’t craft the same rarity of the card after destroying the card. For example, if you destroy Legendary card, you won’t be able to craft again Legendary card with the amount of the scarps that you get from the first legendary card.

It is very important to think carefully before you start destroying your cards, and which cards to craft with your Scarps.