Gun Van Location | GTA V [Online]

June 15, 2023
Head over to this location to find the Gun Van!

GTA Online recently received the Los Santos Drug War update which adds plenty of new items including a new gun van that can be found in different areas of the city. This van contains some of the game’s best guns, meaning you can purchase all premium weapons in one place.

This guide will tell you where to find the Gun Van in GTA Online.

Gun Van Location

The gun van is constantly moving around the city of Los Santos, so there are 30 possible locations where you can find it. It is the ideal place to visit if you want new and premium weapons at a discount such as the Tactical SMG introduced in the San Andreas Mercenaries update. Players with a GTA+ subscription will be able to see the live location of the van on their map.

Your rank or unlock requirements don’t matter as the gun rank is available to all players regardless of their rank as the transactions are done off the books. The latest location of the van as of June 15 2023 is behind Hookies found on the side of the highway leading to Paleto Bay.

As you approach the van, the doors will open automatically and you will be able to purchase the weapons of your choice by interacting with the vendor. You will find items being segregated into three different categories- Weapons, Throwables and Body Armor.

There are also some exclusive items on offer that cannot be purchased from other vendors or Ammu Nation like the Railgun and Alien weapons. You can also buy attachments,ammos and skins to customize your existing weapon and gear up for the next big fight. Below is the list of all items available with the Gun Van:

WeaponsThrowablesBody Armor
Tactical SMG (new)MolotovSuper Light Armor
Up-n-AtomizerTear GasLight Armor
Combat ShotgunPipe BombStandard Armor
RPG Heavy Armor
Musket Super Heavy Armor
Micro SMG  
Compact EMP Launcher  

The newest weapon in the inventory is the Tactical SMG and it will be reset weekly on Thursday. You will find some popular weapons at a discount which might it sound lucrative if you have been eyeing one of them.

That’s it, now go ahead and visit the Gun Van to grab the latest weapons on offer!

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