GTA Online: Shipwreck Locations

August 4, 2022
Time to visit all the Ship Wrecks to collect some sweet loot!

Rockstar has constantly been adding new content to GTA Online and one of them is the Shipwrecks found all over the game’s world. These abandoned boats contain valuable treasure chests that will reward you with $20,000 and 2000 RP once you open them. It’s a great way to make money fast however the location of these shipwrecks keeps changing every 24 hours making them hard to find.

This guide will tell you the location of all the shipwrecks in the game.

GTA Online: Shipwreck Locations

There are a total of 30 locations spread across Los Santos and Blaine County where you will come across these shipwrecks every 24 hours in the game.

You can check the Daily Collectibles section in your inventory to find out the number of chests that you have collected.

Thanks to WildBrick 142 who has shared this map on Twitter, you will be easily able to find all the 30 shipwrecks’ locations shown above.

Do note that this location keeps changing every 24 hours so you will need a fast vehicle such as a jet plane or helicopter to find the one that is available today.

After you collect the treasure from the Ship Wreck, you will also receive an outfit scrap with it.

Once you manage to collect 7 of these scraps, you will be rewarded with the Frontier outfit for your character. It will take you one week to get this outfit as you can get only find one scrap every day.

That’s it, now go ahead and visit all the Ship Wrecks to get this awesome outfit while earning some quick money!