GTA Online: How To Unlock The New “Service Carbine” Rifle

July 30, 2022
Let's find out How to Unlock The New Service Carbine Rifle!

Grand Theft Auto Online has recently received a new update that adds the Criminal Enterprises which brings plenty of new additions and changes including new vehicles, missions and business opportunities for players.

This guide will tell you how to unlock the new Service Carbine Rifle in the game.

GTA Online: How To Unlock The New “Service Carbine” Rifle

Unfortunately, you cannot unlock the new M16 Service Carbine Rifle right away as it is a drip-feed item and you will need five collectible items that are randomly scattered across the map.

According to data miner Wildminer 142 on Twitter, these are the 10 locations where will be able to find the five parts required to unlock the Service Carbine Rifle in the game.

These are crime scene events meaning that they can take place in any of the 10 locations showcased above. After you get all the required 5 items, you will be able to purchase the gun from the Ammunition store.

Another thing worth noting is that the gun won’t be available on launch day and the method shown above is subject to change when Rockstar makes the announcement regarding this event. You can use a fast vehicle such as the Oppressor MK II to reach all the locations quickly when it becomes available. Since the gun won’t be available normally, you will need to wait for it

That’s it, now head over to these locations when the rifle gets released in the game!