GTA 5 Online: How To Get A High FROZEN KD

July 31, 2022
Use this trick to get a high frozen K/D in GTA Online!

Grand Theft Auto Online has recently received a new update that adds the Criminal Enterprises which brings plenty of new additions and changes including new vehicles, missions and business opportunities for players.

This guide will tell you how to get a frozen 100 K/D or more in the game.

GTA 5 Online: How To Get A High FROZEN KD

First, you need an account that can be used to increase your K/D and you can create a new account to get started.

On a fresh account, your total kills will be zero so it will be easy to measure any improvements that you make.

Next, you need to start a deathmatch or any other bookmarked deathmatches that you have.

Here set the target kills to any number of your choice.

It’s better that you play with a friend or an alternate account in a closed lobby and let your friend kill you until you win the match.

Get as many kills as you want with this process and this K/D will be frozen. Open your stats and check your new K/D ratio there.

Your K/D ratio will not be decreased during free mode even if your friends or enemies decide to mercilessly kill you in the game. This is because free mode kills don’t reduce your K/D ratio anymore in GTA Online. You can use this process with your burner account or friend’s account by playing deathmatches with them and maintaining a good K/D ratio.

That’s it, now go ahead and use this trick to get a high frozen K/D in the game!