GTA 5: The Merryweather Heist (Offshore Approach) Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

November 21, 2022
Trevor finally enacts his score to steal a superweapon.

Trevor has been preparing for a big score in the past few missions and he finally enacts it in this one. Aside from Wade and Floyd, Trevor asks the assistance of Michael and Franklin to make sure things go off smoothly.

This mission will include travel from land, sea and air. There will also be a bit of firefighting with other vehicles. Here is everything you need to know about the Cargobob mission and how to get its Gold Medal in GTA 5.

The Merryweather Heist (Offshore Approach) Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

Gold Medal Objectives

Keep in mind the following objectives throughout the level to get a Gold Medal at the end:

  • Salvager: Find the container within 02:00.
  • Time: Complete within 14:30.
  • Show no Mercenary: Eliminate all pursuing Merryweather enemies.
  • Weathering the Storm: Escape the pursuing Merryweather enemies in less than 4 minutes.

Mission Synopsis

The mission will begin at Floyd’s condo. There will be some dialogue between Trevor, Wade and Floyd and eventually Franklin and Michael will arrive.

You will begin the mission initially controlling Michael.

Trevor will tell you to drive to the Sandy Shores Airfield. It’s a very long drive as the airfield is all the way across the other side of Los Santos.

There will be a ton of dialogue from the characters as you are driving.

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Once you arrive at the Sandy Shores Airfield, Trevor will tell you to fly the chopper and use it to drop the submersible into the ocean.

Use the chopper’s grappling hook to latch onto the sub and then head to the ocean west of Paleto Cove.

Trevor will then tell you to release the sub once you are at the desired location. You will then switch perspectives from Michael on the chopper to Trevor in the sub.

The device you’re looking for will be bolted down at the bottom of the seafloor.

You can use the Trackify app on your phone to locate the container. Make sure to do so in under two minutes if you want to get the Gold Medal for this mission. Get your sub close enough to it and it will latch on. You can now head directly upwards to the surface.

Once you reach the surface, you can switch to Michael and use the chopper to grab onto the sub. Trevor will tell you to head back to the airfield, but you will be attacked by some Merryweather personnel on your way there.

You will have to deal with gunmen on boats in the ocean and other helicopters in the air. You can shoot at them with the helicopter’s guns. Make sure to wipeout every single enemy as that is a requirement for the Gold Medal

Once all hostiles are down, you can proceed back to the Sandy Shores Airfield. Upon arriving at the airfield, you will be greeted by Lester. He will reprimand Trevor saying that this score was a bad idea and that the government will hunt them down.

After a few more words, everyone will part their ways and the mission will end. If you manage to perform the other objectives and finish the mission within fourteen and a half minutes, then you will obtain the Gold Medal for this mission!