GTA 5: The Long Stretch Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

November 15, 2022
Franklin just can’t have a quiet day!

Escaping from the weird noises his aunt and her friends are doing in the house, Franklin just heads out once again despite being very tired. Unfortunately for him, this is just the start of yet another eventful/annoying day for him.

As soon as he opens the door, he sees Lamar and Stretch walking toward him. The pair asks Franklin if he can help them pick up a shotgun with a flashlight attachment. Just as expected what seemingly is but a mundane task quickly turns into chaos.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to complete The Long Stretch Mission and how to get its Gold Medal completion.

The Long Stretch Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

The mission starts as soon as Franklin heads home. It will trigger a cutscene where he confronts his aunt and friends about the ritual they are doing in the living room.

Annoyed, Franklin just opts to head out again.

Opening the front door, he meets both Lamar and Stretch. Franklin isn’t too keen on Stretch but reluctantly agrees to come with the pair’s plans for the day.

Get in the car to drive to Ammu-nation to pick up the shotgun with the flashlight attachment.

There, speak to the gun seller to browse his firearms for sale. Scroll towards the shotgun section to the left and select the pump shotgun. Keep in mind that you need the flashlight attachment.

With that done, go back to your car and drive to the recycling plant as marked on the map.

Once there, look for a green door. Get in and run through the stairs.

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A cutscene will then start where the trio would meet with D, much to Franklin’s surprise considering that they just kidnapped him in an earlier mission with Lamar.

Stretch would then greet D, but D tells Stretch the business is not about him, causing both Franklin and Lamar to become worried about the situation they are currently in.

Turns out, D was setting Franklin and Lamar up and they are now surrounded by rival gang members outside.

Furious about the situation, Stretch puts two bullets in D’s head.

The mission will now be a shootout to escape the recycling plant. In this section of the mission, do your best to get as many headshots as you while also taking as little damage as possible.

Always be on the cover and aim your shots straight to the head.

Once you make it outside the building, switch to the rifle one of the gang members dropped to take out the helicopter pilot.

After getting rid of the first chopper, get up the ladder following Lamar and Stretch.

A second chopper should pop up as soon as you get up the ladder. Get rid of it just as you did with the first one.

After that, continue escaping with Lamar and Stretch.

Get in a car and drive away from the incoming police. You now need to lose the cops pursuing you.

We recommend that you use Franklin’s special ability when driving to maintain top speed and control.

After losing the cops for good, drive back to Franklin’s house, ending yet another eventful day in the hood and finishing The Long Stretch mission.

The Long Stretch Gold Requirements

Accuracy: finish the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%. Make sure to enable aim-assist to make shooting sections much easier.

Headshots: kill 10 enemies with a headshot. With the aim-assist on, you just have to hover your aim a bit up to the head to get an easy headshot.

Unmarked: complete the mission with minimal damage to health and armor. Stay in cover at all times in the shooting section. Pay attention to where the enemy is at all times.

Mission Time: complete the mission within 10:30. It is worth noting that the cutscenes in this mission are pretty long so it’s recommended that you just skip it assuming that you have already seen it.

Since the Gold Medal requirements for this particular mission have a time limit, we recommend that you first play the mission normally without worrying about anything to experience it fully. Just replay the mission right after to get the Gold Medal next.

There you have it! Do everything we stated above and you should have another Gold Medal mission on the bag.