GTA 5: The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach) (Gold Medal)

November 25, 2022
Hitting the Jewel Store like a true professional!

The Jewel Store Job is the first heist mission in the game. It can be tackled in two varying ways: The Smart or Loud approach. For now, we will be discussing the Smart approach for the heist mission Jewel Store Job.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to complete the mission with the smart approach and how to get its Gold Medal completion.

The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach) (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

After thorough preparation, Michael, Lester, and Franklin are now ready for their first big heist together. Everything is now set for them to hit the Jewelry Store, Vangelico’s, for a big payday.

Choosing the Smart approach for this mission will see Franklin throw out knockout gas in the store’s ventilation mission, knocking everyone inside out cold.

This will give Michael and the crew ample time to steal as much jewelry as they want without hurting anyone in the store.

Take note that this approach will also get you more money once successful.

Before the mission, Michael meets the team for the last time in their hideout and lays out the full plan for the heist. After that, they ride off, kickstarting the first heist in GTA 5.

The Jewel Store Job Best Crew

Much like any other heist mission in the game, players will be given the chance to choose the crew members they want to take with them.

Of course, the main protagonists of the game are automatically in, but players usually get to choose three other members for every heist.

Take note that the more skilled the person you choose, the higher he will demand for his cut. This gives players a dilemma.

Would you risk the operation by choosing lesser-skilled individuals for a greater haul, or ensure that everything goes smoothly in exchange for a smaller cut?

This is the best crew for this particular heist mission: Karim Denz (Driver), Gustavo Mota (Gunman), and Rickie Lukens (Hacker).

  • Karim: choosing Karim ensures that your crew gets motorcycles for the getaway after hitting the store. If you don’t choose him, you may instead make your escape riding a bike.
  • Gustavo: Gustavo is the undisputed best gunman you can recruit for this heist. He will ensure that the full take keeps intact up to the end of the heist.
  • Rickie: while the inexperienced choice, Rickie could still give you ample time to hit the Jewelry Store safely. He will precisely give you 50 seconds, which is the exact amount of time you need to get the Gold Medal.

The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach) Guide

After the opening cutscene with Michael briefing the team for the upcoming heist, walk with the team to the designated vehicle and drive to the back side of the Jewelry Store.

Once there, enter the open building and make your way to the roof. Go up the stairs, climb the scaffoldings, vault from one roof to the next, and climb some ladders.

Follow the yellow marked point on your map to know where exactly you need to be to drop the Knockout gas directly at the jewelry store.

Once there, the game will tell you to throw the gas into the air vent of the jewelry store.

Aim your sights at the yellow point in front of you and throw the Knockout gas.

After successfully hitting the point, the cutscene should trigger where everyone will be knocked out due to the gas.

Thankfully, Michael and the gang have their gas masks on.

As soon as the perspective transfers to Michael, hit every jewelry case as fast and as efficiently as you can.

After cleaning out the Jewelry Store, head outside for your getaway.

You will see Franklin there on a bike arguing with a security guard. Player control should then switch to Franklin.

By this point, you should now have a 4-star wanted level.

Make your escape with the team by closely following them. They will be marked on your map as blue large dots.

After hitting the highway, you would then need to enter a tight tunnel. Be careful not to bump into anything and fall from your bike. The tunnel section is long and narrow.

Take advantage of Franklin’s special ability every time you are in a pinch.

Once you make it out, you should see several cop cars trying to block you. Michael would then swoop in to save the day in a reinforced truck. The player’s perspective will switch back to him.

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Now drive alongside the crew while protecting them from the many cop cars. Take out the cops by bumping them with the truck before the crew hits the rendezvous point.

The wanted star level should promptly disappear after crashing all the cop cars chasing you. After that, all you need to do is ride to the yellow marker on the map.

You are now in the final phase of the mission. After a brief cutscene, the motorcycle riders will enter Michael’s truck and everyone will ride together to the designated rendezvous point.

The ending cutscene should then play. The mission is now done.

The Jewel Store Job (Loud Approach) Gold Requirements

Quick Grab: steal the jewelry within 50 seconds. Just hit every jewelry glass cabinet as fast as you can. Choosing Rickie for the mission precisely gives you 50 seconds to do this.

Protégé Protected: Protect Franklin and the gang during the chase with the cops on the Los Santos River. Bump into the cop cars one by one until all of them are indisposed.

Clean Sweep: steal the jewelry from all 20 glass cabinets. Make sure that you clean the whole Jewelry store out before heading to the next section of the heist.

There you have it! That is the Smart approach for the first heist mission in GTA 5! Follow everything we told you above and you should get that sweet, shiny Gold Medal in no time.