GTA 5: The Good Husband Mission Guide

Michael gets a very rare call from Amanda, his wife. Unfortunately for him, it isn’t without demerits. Turns out, Amanda has been arrested at Didier Sachs for shoplifting and she wants her knight and shining armor to clear her of the predicament by any means possible.

The Good Husband is an optional mission in GTA V. it is up to the player whether to take the mission or not. For this article, let’s say that you opted to take on the mission and help Amanda.

Here is how you finish The Good Husband Mission.

The Good Husband Mission Guide – GTA 5

While going about his day, Michael will get a random call from his wife Amanda.

She will say that there has been a major misunderstanding in the Didier Sachs store and she is in deep trouble with the cops.

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Frankly speaking, she wants Michael to bail her out and clear her of any consequences of her actions.

Choose to help her to activate the optional quest.

Now go to where Amanda is by following the blue waypoint marker on the map. Take note that this mission has a time limit.

Once you are in the store in Rodeo, you should see Amanda in the back of a police car.

Creep your way toward the police car while the cop is distracted by another man nearby. Head inside the car and drive off. You are committing a crime to solve another crime.

Michael is now on the steering wheel of the very same cop car where Amanda is at. As soon as you get inside the car, you will get a three-star wanted level.

Do your best to lose the cops as fast as you can.

After getting rid of the wanted level, drive Amanda back home while still using the cop car.

The two will get into a heated argument as you drive back home.

Once in the house, Amanda will reluctantly thank Michael for helping her.

This will finish the optional quest.

There is no Gold Medal requirement for this mission. The game will automatically reward you with a Gold Medal completion after finishing the mission.