GTA 5: Scouting The Port Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

November 16, 2022
Trevor heads to the Los Santos port for a job.

Trevor disguises himself as an everyday layman to get into the port and scope it out. He drags along unfortunate cousins Floyd and Wade. Inside the port, Trevor tries to figure out which targets could be valuable and lucrative.

Make sure to stay out of trouble and take care of handling any shipment containers you’re placed in charge of. Here is everything you need to know about the Scouting The Port mission and how to get its Gold Medal in GTA 5.

Scouting The Port Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

Gold Medal Objectives

Keep in mind the following objectives throughout the level to get a Gold Medal at the end:

  • Time: Complete within 20:00
  • Employee of the Month: Complete without damaging the containers.
  • Perfect Surveillance: Snap all 3 photographs of the boat as instructed.
  • An Honest Day’s Work: Complete without causing a disturbance at the docks.

Mission Synopsis

The mission begins with Trevor at Floyd’s apartment. Trevor will give Floyd and Wade some disguises to wear. You can then head on to the car outside and drive to Port 400 at the Port of Los Santos.

Trevor will question Floyd if there’s anything worth stealing at the port while they are on the way there.

Once at the port, park the car near the dispatch and follow Floyd. Floyd will guide Trevor through the docks and point out that one of the crates is marked by the military and might be valuable.

After a bit of walking and talking, you’ll eventually be made to control a forklift.

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Head to Bay B to grab a container and bring it to Bay F. Do your best to handle the containers with care or to not run over any pedestrians as they are important to getting the Gold Medal for this mission.

You will have to deliver one more container after that.

You will then be prompted to get out of the forklift and up the crane. A man at the top of the crane will force you to use the crane to load the containers onto trucks. 

Grab a container and drag it down to find the truck it needs to be loaded on. Load on two containers and you will then be allowed to get out of the control room and onto the catwalk.

Here you’ll be able to find the perfect vantage point to use your phone to take all three pictures of the boat that you need.

Send the pictures to Ron once you’ve finished. Snapping all three will get you one step closer to this mission’s Gold Medal.

Head back down to the ground and get inside the truck. Drive it to the docking area as instructed, it will be on the other side of Port City.

A cutscene will play when you arrive, Trevor will grab an important suitcase while poor Floyd is getting beat up by some of the guards as a distraction.

Take this briefcase, escape the restricted area and return to Floyd’s apartment. Treveor will then create a plan for the next heist on the wall. There are two ways you can go about the mission, the Freighter Approach and the Offshore Approach.

After selecting your choice, a cutscene will play out and the mission will be finished.