GTA 5: Pack Man Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

For our protagonists to finally get paid by Devin Weston, they must do one last luxurious car heist and deliver the others that they have stolen over the last few missions concerning Weston. The Pack Man Mission can be taken by either Trevor or Franklin.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to finish the Pack Man Mission in GTA 5 and how to get its Gold Medal completion.

Pack Man Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

On the way to meet Trevor, who is already in the Packer containing the luxurious cars they stole for Devin Weston, Franklin asks Lamar how his boost went.

Lamar reassures Franklin that the boost was all good on his end, but Franklin feels a little uneasy knowing how Lamar always seems to fail his missions.

Shortly, they meet up with Trevor and the cars. The trio is to drive with the cars in tow to Paleto Bay, a long way drive to where they currently at.

What was supposed to be a simple delivery job, turned out chaotic.

After getting a phone call from Lamar, go to his location as Franklin in Strawberry as marked on your map in blue.

You’d see him leaning on a yellow sports car. Enter the car with him.

After that, drive to the next blue waypoint shown on your map.

You should see the Packer there with the other cars our protagonists have stolen in past missions. Line up the yellow sports car and put it inside the Packer.

A short cutscene with Trevor should then trigger. Now, drive him to the target location.

This will be a long drive, but no worries; it will be filled with fun dialog exchanges so players wouldn’t get bored quickly.

After emerging from the tunnels and near the Hookies restaurant on the edge of Los Santos, cops will show up chasing the trio for the stolen cars.

Toggle to the cinematic camera once the game prompts you. Franklin will get out of the truck and shimmy his way to one of the vehicles they have in tow.

Continue driving as Trevor while Franklin does his job.

After a few moments, the perspective should switch to Franklin who is now in the car. He will back up and drive the car himself to create a diversion for Trevor and Lamar to escape.

Use the specialized car’s mounted guns and spikes to wreck the pursuing cop cars. Focus on stopping the cop cars using the spikes weapon on your car.

The more you get rid of the quicker the Wanted star level would be.

After dealing with the cops, Franklin should receive a phone call from Molly, he will tell you to meet with her at the designated waypoint on the map.

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Just follow the Truck until you reach the destination.

There, the mission’s ending cutscene should trigger. Unfortunately for Franklin and the gang, Weston was nowhere there and they ultimately didn’t receive the money they are owed.

Pack Man Mission Gold Medal Requirements

Mission Time: complete the mission within 12:00. Skip all cutscenes if you want to save time.

Not a Scratch: complete the mission with minimal damage to the JB 700. Once Franklin drives off of the truck to get rid of the cops, make sure to use all of its tools to its advantage and not crash too much.

Shredder: take out 3 cop cars using spikes. Use the JB 700’s spikes to send the cop cars crashing. Just move ahead of them and release those spikes.

There you have it! Follow the steps we showed above and you should have that Gold Medal in the bag in no time!

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