GTA 5 Online: How To Throw People Out Of Your Night Club

Published: 30 Jul 2022
You can now throw people out that you don’t want to be in your Night Club in GTA 5 Online!

When having a nightclub in GTA Online, you will have to take care of your guests. Most of them will be drunk, or some will try to cause some problems. Increasing your popularity will let you drive your drunk customers to their destinations and throw them out.

This guide will show you How to Throw People out of your Night Club!

GTA 5 Online: How To Throw People Out Of Your Night Club

Before you get the ability to throw people out of your Nigh Club, all have to do is go to your Night Club and get some more popularity.

The easy way to get popularity is to pick a DJ and then automatically you will get a little bit of popularity.

Once you get some popularity, it will activate the new side missions of kicking out unruly drunks or driving drunk people to their destination.

As soon as you change the DJ, you will get a mission where VIPs that got drunk in your club and can’t move more, and you have to move them to the limo, and drive them to their destination.

Once you bring them in the car, they will give you directions to bring them home or sometimes to bring them to the emergency room.

Keep in mind that when you drive these guys home or wherever he needs to go, there is a spook meter on the screen, meaning that you can’t drive too fast, or crash into things.

Otherwise, they will get completely spooked out and they will actually get out of your car and leave without paying any money, and also the popularity will not go up in the Night Club as well.