GTA 5 Online: How to GET DIAMONDS LOOT (Diamond Casino Heist)

November 14, 2022
Use this glitch to find diamonds everytime in the Diamond Casino Heist!

GTA Online is constantly updated with new outfits, events, weapons and heists to keep players engaged. Rockstar has announced that it will offer 50% more cash and reputation points for players who complete the Casino Heist this week. In addition, there will also be a 50% reduction in the overall setup cost, making it the perfect time to take part in the Heist.

The Diamond loot in the Casino Heist is only available for everyone and you don’t need to purchase a GTA+ membership to get the loot anymore. The latest update has brought the haul for all players and it has the same chance of 18% as the gold loot.

This guide will tell you how to get the Diamonds loot during the Diamond Casino Heist.

How to GET DIAMONDS LOOT (Diamond Casino Heist)

To get started, you will need to create an invite-only session first and then pay the setup costs for the Casino Heist so you can scope out the casino.

You will need to prepare by either hacking the phone of the NPC security guard or stealing it. If you decide to steal it then you will get a wanted level with the cops on your trail.

Once you manage to hack the phone, head inside the Casino and search for the signal hotspot to access the security camera feed.

You will need to use the Sightseer app to detect the signal and hack into the secure network.

Scroll through the camera feeds to access the one inside the vault, move the camera in the vault for some time and you will be able to detect diamonds soon if you are lucky.

In case you didn’t manage to find the diamonds then you will need to call Lester and cancel the Diamond Casino Heist.

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Leave the casino and then go back to the Arcade setup board. You will only pay the setup fees and you can retry using this method 3-5 times to get the diamonds. Keep scoping and cancelling the Heist until you find the diamonds.

The second method requires you to go into the creator mode and then start an invite-only session. Start the heist, pay the setup fees and then scope the casino as usual.

Hack into the security guard’s phone to enter the casino and then use the Sightseer app to hack into the network. Scroll through all the camera feeds and move the camera inside the vault until you find the diamonds.

If you don’t get the diamonds then call Lester to cancel the Diamond Casino Heist. Leave the casino and then enter the Creator mode.

Switch back to an invite-only session and pay the setup fees for the heist. This time diamonds will automatically appear on the setup board and you don’t need to do anything.

That’s it, now go ahead and use these methods to get diamonds every time during the Diamond Casino Heist!