GTA 5 Online: Chainsaw & Oppressor Keys Locations In Hit The Roof MC Contract

Published: 30 Jul 2022
Now you can find the Chainsaw inside of the Hit The Roof MC contract mission!

Progressing through the game, you will come to a “Hit the Roof MC Contract” mission where it will require you to find a Chainsaw on the map of GTA 5 Online together with the Oppressor keys. If you don’t know their locations, then you are in the right place to find out.

This guide will show you All Chainsaw & Oppressor Keys Locations in Hit The Roof MC Contract in GTA 5 Online!

GTA 5 Online: Chainsaw & Oppressor Keys Locations In Hit The Roof MC Contract

In the beginning, you need to know that there are a total of 3 different locations possible for this mission, but if you have, for example, your clubhouse in Del Perro, then this location will not be showing up.

Chainsaw & Oppressor Keys #1

Starting with the one in the Del Perro location, you need to enter the roof and there you will find a helicopter.

Right behind the helicopter will be the location that you are looking for.

There will be a container where you have to search for the Oppressor and the Chainsaw. If you miss it, you can get to the helicopter and ride to the trailer if you want to.

Chainsaw & Oppressor Keys #2

The next location is in Elysian Island. Once you get there, you have two options in order to get on the rooftop.

The first is to climb the yellow ladders and follow the stair to get to the top, or you can simply use a helicopter and get to the roof quickly and easily.

Once you get to the top, there will be a few enemies that you need to defeat, and then go to the building as it is shown in the image below.

Get inside and grab the Chainsaw and the Oppressor’s Keys.

The exact location on the map can be checked in the image below.

Chainsaw & Oppressor Keys #3

The last and most certainly not least is La Mesa location. This location is unique because you can walk through the door and get yourself the keys to the oppressor.

This is something that other two locations do not have.

When you find your oppressor, you have to continue down on the lower platform using the ladders, and go to the container.

Inside this container, you will find your Chainsaw. Just go there and it will be standing on the table inside.