GTA 5 Online: Best Diamond Casino Heist Approach

November 13, 2022
Complete the Diamond Casino Heist quickly without getting detected!

GTA Online is constantly updated with new outfits, events, weapons and heists to keep players engaged. Rockstar has announced that it will offer 50% more cash and reputation points for players who complete the Casino Heist this week. In addition to that, there will also be a 50% reduction in the overall setup cost which makes it the perfect time to take part in the Heist.

There are mainly three ways to complete the Heist and each one of them offers different rewards and payouts depending on how well you manage to execute them with your teammates.

This guide will tell you about the best approach to complete the Diamond Casino Heist.

Best Diamond Casino Heist Approach – GTA 5 Online

You can complete the Diamond Casino Heist using three strategies:

  • Silent and Sneaky Approach
  • The Big Con Approach
  • The Aggressive Approach

However, the fastest and easiest approach to complete the heist without alerting anyone is the Big Con Approach. First, you will need to complete everything in the To Do list and then complete all the tasks in the Optional List except for the Duggan Shipments and the Power Drills.

This is because we don’t need to deal with any of the guards and we won’t have enough time to get the secondary loot without triggering the gas in the main safe room.

Completing the Patrol Routes will allow you to see all the guards on the mini-map, Security Intel and Security Passes will help you get past areas such as the staircase doors, elevators etc.

For the Exit Disguise, you will need to get the Noose skiers to blend in with the N.O.O.S.E when you are trying to escape the Casino.

Moving on to the main board, you will need the Gruppe Sechs gear to enter and exit the safe without triggering any guards.

The entrance will be through the security tunnel and the exit will be through the staff lobby. The buyer will be a high-level one to get the most payout possible.

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You will need 2 to 4 party members for the heist since there is no solo option and you will need to drive the truck through the Security Tunnel.

The guards will let you in and you will be able to reach the loading bay.

From there, park the truck and enter the elevator to reach the main safe floor. You can easily walk past the guards there as well as the security cameras because of your disguise.

Once you reach the man trap, two players will need to swipe their cards together to open the door and head towards the main safe room.

In the main safe room, a short cutscene will play out and the staff will open the door of the safe for you. One of the characters will knock him out and you will be able to grab all the loot stashed inside.

Collect as much loot as possible quickly before the timer runs out and you will need to hack the systems to get through some of the doors.

After you have grabbed enough loot, two teammates will again need to swipe their cards to get out of the Man Trap and you will be get out easily without alerting the guards as well as the security cameras.

You can then choose to exit the casino via the elevator or use the staircase to get to the rooftop. If you decide to use the staircase then you will need to watch out for the patrol on the top floor.

Take out the guards there and head towards the laundry room to equip the Noose outfit. There will be one patrol here that you can simply sneak past or knock out.

Equip the outfit and you will be able to get past everyone as they won’t be alerted anymore. Go past the metal detector there and exit through the staff door.

After you get outside, there will be N.O.O.S.E and cops swarming all over the place and you will need to avoid getting detected by them otherwise your cover will be blown.

They will be displayed on your minimap and you can get through the alleyways to reach your getaway vehicle or any other vehicle nearby.

Once you manage to find a car, open your map and head over to the location marked above to get the Helicopter.

Make sure to pay attention to the minimap to avoid getting detected by the cops and if you don’t wish to use a chopper then you can drive towards the location of the buyer.

At the above location, you will need to climb the building and grab the Ambulance Chopper parked there. You can then simply fly over to deliver the loot to the buyer and complete the heist without getting detected.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these steps to complete the Casino Heist in the easiest way possible!