GTA 5: Mr. Philips Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael’s old pal and everyone’s favorite unhinged lunatic, Trevor Philips, is here and he certainly has an introduction to the story like no other! Love him or hate him, Trevor plays a huge role in GTA 5’s story. He is the very definition of chaos and is the personification of all the crazy things that you can do in this truly excellent game.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to complete Trevor’s introductory mission, Mr. Philips, and how to get its Gold Medal completion.

Mr. Philips Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

Trevor will come into the story just a few days after Michael and prodigy Franklin complete their first heist together.

As they lounge in Michael’s luxurious home sharing a couple of drinks, Dave Norton would abruptly calls Michael to warn him about his old pal.

Norton says that Trevor might have been alerted of Michael’s true state (Trevor thinks Michael died after a botched heist together) because of the aforementioned heist he and Franklin pulled off.

However, Michael simply shrugs off this warning thinking that Trevor has also perished after their last mission together just a few years ago.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t be any wrong. Trevor is very well and is perhaps crazier than ever before!

Confused and a bit frustrated about the news of his old pal presumably still alive, Trevor looks to take out his frustration on to something.

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Mr. Philips mission follows Trevor’s day as he takes out his emotions upon the unfortunate souls within the biker club, Lost MC.

Mr. Philips Mission Guide

After the mission’s crazy opening cutscene, the player control should shift to Trevor somewhere near Grapeseed, at the top portion of the GTA V map.

Hop on your truck with Wade and Ron and follow the yellow marker shown on the map.

Lost MC members Clay and Terry should be there at the target location. After a short cutscene, the bikers should make their escape.

Follow them. They will show up as red blips on the map.

Do your best to finish off both Clay and Terry on this chase sequence, as they can be a problem later on and hinder your path toward Gold Medal completion.

Remember to always aim for opponents’ heads as you would need to get at least 12 headshots in this mission to get the Gold Medal.

Follow the van as it leads you to the rest of the Lost MC members.

Upon reaching their hideout, make your way toward the left entrance and kill every member you see. Make sure that you get rid of all of them as this is one of the Gold Medal requirements.

As soon as the remaining Lost MC members make a run for it, rush towards your truck and follow them.

Eliminate everyone to complete the Gold Medal requirement No Survivors.

Now that the Lost MC members are all dealt with, head over to the newly marked location on your map.

After doing so, another cutscene should play out with Ortega and his trailer.

Push Ortega’s trailer down the river using your car. Do not stop until the trailer settles in the river completely.

After that, Ortega should hop down and kneel in front of you. You can either kill or let him live. This choice entirely falls at your discretion, either one wouldn’t affect your path to Gold Medal completion.

Head back to Trevor’s truck and follow the marker back to Ron’s place.

The mission should promptly end as soon as Ron runs back to his house.

Mr. Philips Mission Gold Medal Requirements

No Survivors: kill all lost MC members, even the fleeing ones. Just get rid of every biker gang member you see. Remember to aim at their heads at all times to tick off the next requirement.

Headshots: kill at least 12 enemies using headshots.

Mission Time: complete the mission within 12 minutes. Take note that the mission time also includes cutscenes. Say that you have already played the mission normally the first time, you should skip all cutscenes to hit the 12-minute mark or under.

Trailer Trashed: cause $5,000 in damage to Ortega’s trailer. Push Ortega’s trailer down the river and don’t stop until it sits in the middle of it.

Lost and Damned: kill both Clay and Terry during the initial chase. Kill the two Lost MC members on the chase after confronting them in the first section of the mission.

There you have it! This mission is much harder to get a Gold Medal on than the previous ones with Michael and Franklin. Not only are there 5 different requirements to tick off, but they can also get a bit challenging.

Nevertheless, as long as you follow the steps we mentioned above, you should get that sweet, sweet Gold.

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