GTA 5: Minisub Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

November 17, 2022
Trevor steals a sub to prepare for a heist.

The Merryweather Heist is on, but Trevor will need a sub if he wants to pull it off. Luckily Wade notifies him of a submersible by the docks that they can steal. Trevor goes out to steal it and store it in the warehouse for the time being.

To finish this mission with ease, you can shoot the cables of the sub using a sniper rifle and steal it once it lands in the water. Here is everything you need to know about the Minisub mission and how to get its Gold Medal in GTA 5.

Minisub Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

Gold Medal Objectives

Keep in mind the following objectives throughout the level to get a Gold Medal at the end:

  • Time: Complete within 08:30
  • No Boarding: Steal the submersible without boarding the boat.

Mission Synopsis

The quest begins with a text from Wade saying that he found a submersible they can use for the heist.

Head to the marked location at the docks and you can see the submarine hanging from the side of the ship.

While you can go on the ship and try to get it from there, there is an easier way to steal it. You can use a long range weapon like a sniper rifle and shoot the cables that are holding on to the sub.

There are four cables in total that you have to shoot.

Once all the cables have been snapped, the sub will fall into the water. Stealing the sub this way, without getting on the boat, is also a sure fire way to get the Gold Medal for this mission.

You can swim towards the sub from the spot you are standing on. Head on top of it and head inside from the hatch.

Next you will have to drive it to the shore near Pier 400 at the Western Docks. Wade will have a place to store the sub for a while.

Once you bring it to Pier 400, Wade will use a crane to grab the sub and place it on a truck.

You can then drive the truck to a nearby storage warehouse and the mission will end.

If you managed to finish the mission in under eight and a half minutes then you will get the Gold Medal!

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