GTA 5: How To Get Police Uniform

August 20, 2022
Time to roleplay as a policeman with this outfit!

Rockstar has been constantly adding tons of new content to Grand Theft Auto Online including stuff like accessories such as new outfits, shoes and bags to help your character stand apart from the crowd.

This guide will tell you how to get the Police Uniform in the game.

How To Get Police Uniform

The first thing that you need to do is join an online session and then click on the Quick Job option in the Online tab.

Select the Rockstar Created option in the next menu.

Go to Versus mode and select the Crooked Cop mission.

After you start the mission, it doesn’t matter whether you are playing it with a friend or with random people in the matchmaking.

Make sure that you are on the team called Crims and then change your outfit to Justice.

Start the mission and go to the interactive menu where you need to toggle through all the options in the Illuminated clothing option for 40 seconds by holding your D-Pad.

After 40 seconds, click on the homescreen and wait there for 2 minutes so you can get kicked from the lobby.

This works on any console as long as you wait for 2 to 5 minutes there so the game can kick you out.

Now open GTA and you will see a message that says you have been kicked out for being idle.

If this message doesn’t appear for you then go back to homescreen again and wait there for some time.

Can you imagine being in a gang with a police uniform!

The game will now load you into another lobby where you will see that your character has the cop outfit equipped.

Now go over to your apartment where you change your clothes and make sure to save this outfit.

Since this outfit is blacklisted, you will need to rename it to something other than cops or police.

That’s it, you have successfully obtained the cop outfit in the game!