GTA 5: How To Get Black Duffel Bag

August 20, 2022
Use this glitch to get the black Duffel Bag in the game!

Rockstar has been constantly adding tons of new content to Grand Theft Auto Online including stuff like accessories such as new outfits, shoes and bags to help your character stand apart from the crowd.

This guide will tell you how to get the black duffle bag in the game.

How To Get Black Duffel Bag

First, you need a Terrorbyte and flying vehicle available with you in the game.

Now go to services and request a Terrorbyte and become either MC, President or CEO of the company.

Enter the Terrorbyte and use the computer screen on the left.

Click on Client Jobs and then select the Robbery in Progress option on the screen.

Press Confirm to accept and start the job.

After the camera locates the ongoing robbery, you will need to visit the bank. Once you reach there, use your weapons to take out the police as well as the robbers.

Now one of the robbers will drop the duffel bag and before you pick it up, make sure that you have the outfit that you want the duffel bag on equipped.

Head outside and lose the cops, you will need a flying vehicle such as the Oppressor Mark II or a plane or helicopter.

After you get your hands on a flying vehicle, you will need to fly over the golden circle drop-off point.

You need to get at a decent height over the circle and then jump off from your vehicle.

Make sure that you have a parachute equipped when you do so.

Open your parachute immediately and aim to land on the golden circle.

Upon successful landing, you will see the Mission Passed message appear on your screen.

Make sure to land on the golden circle properly

Next, you need to visit the Ammunition store and purchase the Israel Chute Bag which is 25/53 on the store list.

Open your interaction menu and turn your parachute on.

The flying vehicle in GTA 5 is the best to travel around the map.

Next, you need to find a flying vehicle and fly at a decent height above the mask store located near the beach.

Now jump off your vehicle and use your parachute while aiming to land directly in front of the mask store.

After a successful landing, you will need to interact with the store.

Now save your outfit in this menu by choosing an empty slot.

Open the interaction menu and equip the saved outfit.

You will notice that the Duffle Bag is now a part of your outfit.

If you wish to transfer the Duffle bag to another outfit, you will need to visit the Casino with a spa in it.

In the Spa, equip the outfit that you wish to equip the Duffel Bag on.

Walk into the hot tub and equip the outfit that has the Duffel Bag in it.

Once you walk outside, both of these outfits should merge giving you the Duffel Bag on the outfit of your choice.

You will need to fly over the mask store and do the parachute thing once again to save this new outfit.

That’s it, you have successfully obtained the Duffel Bag in the game!