GTA 5: Hood Safari Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Hood Safari is the first mission in the game with Franklin and Trevor alone. As much as Franklin wants to distance himself away from the gangbanging life, circumstances just pull him back at it. What was supposed to be a simple drug deal turned deadly, and that’s just the way it is.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to finish the Hood Safari mission and get its Gold Medal completion.

Hood Safari Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

The mission begins when Lamar and Denise heckle Franklin for his recent neglect of the CGF gang. To make matters worse, Trevor suddenly arrives. And as always with him, chaos ensues.

After charming Denise for a bit and shooing her back into the house, Trevor says that he is there to make friends. And at that precise moment, a drug deal sounded like music to his ears.

As the trio (with the lovely dog, Chop) arrives at the supposed innocent drug deal give and go, Trevor finds out that they are being duped, and thus, trouble begins.

Hood Safari Mission Guide

After the opening cutscene where Trevor meets Lamar and Denise for the first time, get into the van and drive over to the waypoint at Grove Street.

Upon arriving, walk toward the house to trigger the cutscene.

Turns out, the dealer wants to trick Franklin and Lamar into buying a trick product. Thanks to Trevor, they found out the truth.

This then kick starts the shooting section of this mission.

Fight your way through the neighborhood. Waves and waves of Ballas gang members will arrive so always remain in cover.

When prompted, switch control to Trevor and continue gunning down the incoming enemies. Take advantage of his special ability to increase damage and defense.

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As you reach the end of the street, Lamar will lead Franklin and Trevor toward the Los Santos River. Follow him and go to the nearest jet ski.

After getting a jet ski, you will have three options to end the mission: escape solo, escape with Lamar, or escape with Trevor.

  • ESCAPING SOLO: if you decide to escape by yourself, the mission would end as soon as you lose the wanted star level.
  • ESCAPING WITH LAMAR: If you decide to go with Lamar, he will dock the jetski at the nearest beachside and then the two of you would have to escape the police by foot. After losing the wanted star level, Lamar will ask you to drop him back at his house.
  • ESCAPING WITH TREVOR: If you decide to go with Trevor, he will soon hit a dead end and you would need to escape the police by foot as well. After losing the wanted star level, Trevor will ask you to drop him off at the Strip Club.

Hood Safari Mission Gold Medal Requirements

Mission Time: complete the mission within or under 7 minutes. Skip all cutscenes if necessary and escape alone on the Los Santos River. It is the fastest way to end the mission.

Accuracy: finish the mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%. Make every shot count.

Headshots: kill at least 12 enemies with a headshot. Always aim for the enemy’s head.

There you have it! Follow the guide and you should have that sweet, sweet Gold Medal in no time!

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