GTA 5: Friend Request Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael is desperate to pay back the $2.5 million he owes Martin Madrazo so he visits a reliable friend from the past for help – Lester, the genius crime tactician. However, for Lester to help him, he must first do him a favor.

Michael is to infiltrate Jay Norris’ Lifeinvader base of operations and plant a device provided by Lester. Despite a lack of knowledge of what he really has to do, Michael goes ahead with the task.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to finish the Friend Request Mission in GTA V and get its Gold Medal completion.

Friend Request Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

To start the mission, head to Lester’s home as indicated by the mission pointer represented by an “L.”

This should start a cutscene where Michael meets Lester for the first time in a long time.

After the mission’s opening cutscene, where Lester briefs Michael on what he needs to do for him – albeit vaguely, go back to your vehicle and rush over to Suburban Outfitters highlighted on the map.

Enter the store and buy Michael a gilet and cargo shorts to fit the required look to execute the mission. After purchasing the clothes, promptly head out of the store and go to the next waypoint, the Lifeinvader offices.

Go to the point near the front doors to trigger the next cutscene. Michael will meet one of the office programmers, called Ricky, who will mistake him for an IT temp.

Ricky would then innocently invite him inside the office and ask him to help remove the myriad of pop-ups plaguing his computer.

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As soon as Michael sits down, Ricky’s computer screen will be filled with varying pop-up ads. Hover the mouse pointer over the red “X/A” button and close each pop-up screen as fast as you can. This is a requirement to finish the mission with a Gold Medal.

We recommend that you just constantly press the action button while moving the cursor to close each pop-up.

After that, you should be free to walk around the office. Head over to the prototype room to trigger the next cutscene. Michael will plant the device Lester provided in the prototype phone.

Once that’s done, exit the building and get to your vehicle. Drive back to Michael’s house.

Watch the TV keynote and wait for Jay Norris to show the world the prototype phone. Once he pops up on the screen, bring up your cellphone and dial Jay Norris’ number.

Turns out, the device Michael planted was a remote bomb, and calling it is the detonator.

As soon as Jay picks up the phone and puts it to his ear, the phone explodes, killing the face of Lifeinvader and, thus, finishing the mission.

Friend Request Gold Requirements

Mission Time: complete the mission within or under 8:30. To make sure that you hit this requirement, it’s best that you skip all the cutscenes and head straight from one objective to the next.

Pop-ups Clear: clear all pop-ups in Ricky’s computer within or under 32 seconds. Spam the action button as you hover the mouse pointer from one pop-up to the next.

Since the Gold Medal requirements for this particular mission are time limits, we recommend that you first play the mission normally without worrying about anything to experience it fully. Just replay the mission right after to get the Gold Medal next.

That is it! When done right, you should receive the Gold Medal completion for the Friend Request mission.