GTA 5: Fame Or Shame Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Trevor makes his way to the De Santas to finally confront his old brother-in-arms. However, before they could even catch up formally, the two set out to fetch Michael’s daughter Tracey from an audition for the Fame or Shame adult talent show near Maze bank.

This is the first mission in the game where you can choose either Michael or Trevor to complete mission objectives. This guide will let show you how to finish the Fame or Shame mission and how to get its Gold Medal completion.

Fame Or Shame Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

As Michael takes a quick drink at home to unwind and relax, he sees a bag of marijuana in the fridge that belongs to his son, Jimmy.

Arriving at the worst possible moment, Amanda catches Michael with the bag in his hand and begins arguing with him because of it.

Jimmy will then arrive at the scene to pick up his goods. The family then begins to bicker at one another as Michael scolds his son.

The family argument then stops immediately as Trevor walks in. This shocked the whole De Santa household, especially Michael.

Being an old close friend of theirs, Trevor begins to greet everyone in the room one by one and then begins to wonder where Tracey is.

Jimmy then tells Michael and Trevor that Tracey is auditioning for the Fame or Shame adult talent show at Maze Bank Arena.

Trevor reacts to this news by telling Michael that they should head out and stop Tracey before she ends up making a fool of herself on national TV.

The two reluctantly work together to fetch Michael’s precious daughter out of this predicament.

Fame or Shame Mission Guide

After the opening cutscene, drive to the Maze Bank Arena marked yellow on your map with Trevor.

There, park in one of the parking slots marked on your map as well.

You should then see a guy holding a clipboard confront you about your less-than-stellar parking job. Remember to smack this guy to secure the Gold Medal for this mission.

After that, head inside the building to trigger the next cutscene.

Your pursuit with Lazlow will begin as soon as Trevor hits the security guard with a steel chair.

Do your best to stick to Lazlow in this pursuit to get the Gold Medal. You will know when you are too far from him when his red marker on your map begins to lighten in color.

As soon as you are outside the building, you should see that your ride has been taken away.

Take the truck immediately and chase Lazlow as he escapes with his car.

Later on, you will be prompted by the game that you can detach the truck’s trailer to go faster.

However, do not do that. Unhooking the trailer will cause you to miss one of the Gold Medal requirements.

Just do your best to maneuver the large truck as you chase Lazlow’s red car. Follow him into the Los Santos Storm Drain area.

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After Trevor has his way with Lazlow, he will take off with the stolen truck. Michael, on the other hand, will walk out towards the main road.

The mission will end as soon as Michael gets a call from Dave.

Fame or Shame Mission Gold Medal Requirements

Fastest Speed: reach top speed using the truck in your chase with Lazlow. Hold down the accelerate button on the straights and sway away from any incoming cars.

Bearing Down: stay close to Lazlow throughout the chase. Make sure that you are always near Lazlow. Do not let the red marker on your map lighten.

No, I Can Park Here: smack the event coordinator that confronts you in your parking. Remember to knock the guy with the clipboard out after parking your park.

All Hooked Up: do not unhook the trailer from the truck. Do not press the button prompt that tells you to unhook the trailer from the truck to go faster.

There you have it! Follow this guide and you should get the Gold Medal for the Fame or Shame mission in no time!