GTA 5: Did Somebody Say Yoga? Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

November 16, 2022
Michael’s attempt to find some inner peace takes a wrong turn.

Michael’s having some trying times with his family and their relationships. He tries to fix things by joining his wife for yoga or going out to meet his son’s friend. But his assault on Amanda’s instructor Fabien and his backstabbing son make things go awry.

This mission will involve a little bit of driving and a minigame section with some quick time events. Here is everything you need to know about the Did Somebody Say Yoga? mission and how to get its Gold Medal in GTA 5.

Did Somebody Say Yoga? Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

Gold Medal Objectives

Keep in mind the following objectives throughout the level to get a Gold Medal at the end:

  • Time: Complete within 15:00
  • Warrior: Complete the 1st yoga pose without fault.
  • Triangle: Complete the 2nd yoga pose without fault.
  • Praise the Sun!: Complete the 3rd yoga pose without fault.

Mission Synopsis

You begin the mission with a cutscene with Michael and Amanda having a marital spat.

Continue to play out the cutscene until you get to play a minigame with some quick time events.

You will have to get Michael to do three correct yoga poses.

Take care to press all of the correct button prompts for this section as getting every yoga pose correct on the first try is a prerequisite to getting the Gold Medal for this mission.

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After another cutscene, Michael will ask his son Jimmy to go out with him. Jimmy will then ask his father to drive him to Burger Shot so that he can meet up with a friend.

Get in the car downstairs and head to the Burger Shot marked on your map.

Jimmy will meet up with his friend and he’ll receive a drink in a regular plastic cup.

Now you’ll have to drive back home. On your way there, Jimmy will offer the cup to Michael and he will drink from it.

The screen and audio will start becoming distorted. This will make driving the car back home increasingly hard.

Once you are close to the house, Jimmy will then proceed to push Michael out of the car and steal it.

What follows is a strange dream sequence involving monkeys, aliens and freefalling. Michael will then wake up in the real world, naked and in need of going back home. Michael’s home is closeby and you can either walk back or take a car.

Once you arrive back home, Michael’s family will be nowhere to be found. All that you can find is a note on the kitchen table. It’s a note from Amanda saying that they’ve moved out and that she’s taken the kids with her. The mission will then end.