GTA 5: Casing The Jewel Store Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael is planning to go back to his old ways and is planning a heist. He asks the assistance of an old friend, Lester. Together they gather information about the store they plan to rob and plan their heist accordingly.

Here is everything you need to know about the Casing the Jewel Store mission and how to get its Gold Medal in GTA 5.

Casing The Jewel Store Mission Guide (Gold Medal) – GTA 5

Gold Medal Objectives

Keep in mind the following objectives throughout the level to get a Gold Medal at the end:

  • Time – Complete within 08:00
  • Picture Perfect – Capture all 3 security features in one picture.

Mission Synopsis

Mission starts with Michael arriving at Lester’s garment factory. They reminisce a bit and begin talking business. They plan on robbing a jewelry store, but they have to case the place first so that they can plan accordingly.

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Go outside and get in the car to drive to the Vangelico jewelry shop in Little Portola. Lester will give Michael glasses that are fitted with a camera and a radio relay which will help them gather information about the store.

Enter the store and use it to take a picture of the alarm system, cameras and vents. Looking directly to your left after entering the store allows you to capture all of them in one picture, which is necessary for the Gold Medal.

Next you’ll have to talk to the assistant to find out more about the jewelry. After the dialogue is finished, you can return to Lester in the car. Drive to the back of the building and you will see some construction work underway.

You can use this area to reach the roof of the jewelry store and gather more information.

Climb up the stairs and ladders to reach the highest point of the roof. The highest point will be around the northwest side of the roof.

Once you’re in the correct position, Lester will ask you to take another picture using the glasses. This vantage point has a good vision of the ventilation of the jewelry store.

Now you can return to the car downstairs and use it to go back to Lester’s garment factory.

Lester will corroborate all of the information that you gathered about the store and will help you choose your best course of action.

He gives you the option of going in smart using the vents to your advantage or the loud and direct method of smashing your way in. This will affect the gameplay of the mission that follows after this one.

After choosing the approach, he will also make you choose the crew that will help you with the heist. The more capable people will cost more to higher but will allow the next mission to run smoother than their cheaper options. For the largest possible take for the next mission, the recommended people to hire for the roles are:

  • Driver – Karim Denz
  • Gunman – Packie McReary
  • Hacker – Rickie Lukens

Make sure to choose these options quickly as finishing the level within 8 minutes nets you the Gold Medal. After finalizing the details with Lester, the mission will end.