Grounded: Toenail Location

October 3, 2022
Time to collect some dirty Toenails in Grounded!

Grounded is a first-person multiplayer survival adventure where players need to explore a world full of giant insects after getting shrunk down in size. You can either go on an adventure solo or enjoy it with your friends as you venture through the backyard to fight against various creatures.

The Toenail is an important resource that can be found in various locations and is required for crafting items and recipes. These rare items are difficult to find and are required for crafting important items such as the Embiggening Cocktail.

This guide will tell you about the location of the Toenail in the game.

Toenail Location – Grounded

To find the Toenails, head over to the above location on the map

Once you reach there, climb over the cassette and then make your way across the giant tyre.

Be careful of the ants roaming in the area and try not to alert them.

Climb the spokes of the tyre and then proceed further by heading towards the pedals of the cycle.

You will soon discover the Samsquanch Dirt Bike and then head towards the green chair beside it.

After getting on the wooden platform, go around behind the green chair and then climb the green pipe behind it.

Continue further along the green pipe and then you will soon find a blue trash can on your left.

Climb this trashcan and then get on the baseball bat on your left.

Proceed further along the baseball bat and you will be able to climb the green chair.

Jump down from the baseball to reach the seat of the green chair however make sure that you don’t fall down through one of the holes.

There are a lot of insects here so be prepared to defend yourself or escape quickly.

Get onto the crumbled orange leaf next to the hammer if you want to escape.

Climb the base of the hammer and use it to reach the arm of the chair.

Make your way across to the table next to it and be careful not to fall down.

Get onto the notebook lying on the desk and then stand in the opposite direction.

Climb the nail cutter lying on your left and then get to the top of it.

Jump into the dirty ashtray below and you will be able to collect the Toenails lying there.

Use your busting tool to break these toenails and add them to your inventory.

That’s it, now go ahead and use the Toenails to craft some amazing items!