Grounded: Rad Stone of Toughness Locations

February 9, 2023
It’s time to find Rad Stone of Toughness in Grounded!

Grounded is a new survival video game, where you play with a character sized like an ant and try to survive in a backyard. While progressing through the game, players will visit plenty of areas in the backyard and have to find different varieties of items. One of the rare items that you will need to find to survive in the game is the Rad Stone of Toughness.

This guide will show you all Rad Stones of Toughness Locations in Grounded.

Grounded: Rad Stone of Toughness Locations

Rad Stones of Toughness are a node that will supply players with Tough Nuggets, COold Tough Nuggets, and Rad Tough Nuggets. These stones can be found in secret areas across the yard or dangerous sections of the yard.

They are finite and don’t respawn after you harvest them. To do the harvesting, you will need to have a Black Ox Hammer.

Below are listed all of the locations where you can find Rad Stones of Toughness.

  • One stone in the Abomination Cave in the Koi Pond
  • One stone in the Mega Milk Molar Burrow.
  • One stone in the Salt Burrow.
  • Three stones in the basket of the bicycle near the Woodpile.
  • One Stone in the Clover Cave.
  • One Stone in the Termite Kings chamber in the Termite Den.
  • One stone in the haze trench near the stepping stones in the corner.