Grounded: How To Unlock Explosive Arrows

September 29, 2022
Blow some bugs to smithereens in Grounded!

Grounded is a survival game set in a regular backyard. The only catch is that you’ve been shrunk and now even something formerly insignificant as ants now pose a threat to the player. Grounded has been in Early Access for a while now, but as of September 27, 2022 it has now fully released. Players can now explore the entirety of the backyard and with their handy tools. This includes bows and crossbows that can be loaded with all types of ammo, like Explosive arrows.

Here is a guide on how to unlock explosive arrows in Grounded.

How To Unlock Explosive Arrows – Grounded

First you’ll have to get the Sticky Key in the northeastern part of the backyard.

On top of the wall you will find a piece of gum you can dig with your shovel, and inside will be the Sticky Key.

Take this key to the giant tire near the central north portion of the backyard.

Dive into the water and you will see a chest, one that can be opened with the Sticky Key.

Inside you will find 2 Milk Molars and a Water Logged Recipe, this is what unlocks the arrows.

To craft the arrows you will need:

  • A Splinter Arrow
  • 2 Fungal Growths
  • 2 Gunpowder Clumps

Now you can go out there and have a blast!