Grounded: How To Get The Prod Smacker

September 30, 2022
Fry your enemies with the Prod Smacker in Grounded!

Grounded is a survival game set in a regular backyard. The only catch is that you’ve been shrunk and now even something formerly insignificant as ants now pose a threat to the player. Grounded has been in Early Access for a while now, but as of September 27, 2022 it has now fully released. Players are rewarded with special weapons for exploring every inch of the backyard. Such as the Prod Smacker, a nifty weapon with some zing to it.

Here is a guide on how to get the Prod Smacker in Grounded.

How To Get The Prod Smacker – Grounded

The Prod Smacker can be found above the Assistant Manager area in the Black Anthill Lab. It is a unique weapon that can’t be crafted, so only one will ever exist in a save file.

It deals AOE shock damage when you swing it and is also great at stunning enemies.

The first step to getting the Prod Smacker is to complete the Mix.R events. There are a total of 8 in the backyard.

These events are similar to defend the point gameplay, where once you activate the Mix.R, you will have to defend it from waves and waves of attacking bugs.

Once all of that is finished, you can head to the Black Anthill Lab. At the top of the Assistant Manager boss arena is a room with a locked door.

Next to the door is the unlocking button, but it will only work if you’ve finished all of the Mix.R events.

Inside you will find the Prod Smacker sitting on a chair. It can be considered as the reward for finishing all of the Mix.R optional content.

Nab the Prod Smacker and use it to fry anyone or anything unfortunate to cross your path!