Grounded: EverChar Coal Chunk Location

October 6, 2022
Here is the Location of EverChar Coal Chunk in Grounded!

While playing Grounded, you will have to explore the area and collect many items and ingredients which are required to craft some of the items to complete some quests and continue forward in the game. The EverChar Coal Chunk is a resource that can be found in large abundance in the BBQ Spill area. If you need help finding this resource, then you are in the right spot.

Keep reading our guide, and find the location of EverChar Coal Chunk in Grounded!

EverChar Coal Chunk Location – Grounded

You can find the EverChar Coal Chunks on the northern part of the map in the garden, on the opposite side of the pond.

There will be some barbeque flipped over on top of the rock wall and right underneath them you will be able to find the resource.

But before you go and collect it, make sure to get your Insect Hammer which is needed to harvest the EverChar Coal Chunks.

Once, you reach the pond, you have to continue to the garden and then here you will find the EverChar Coal Chunks under the BBQ.

In this area, you will find plenty of horde of Stink Bugs and you could avoid them if you don’t want to fight with them because they are really tough enemies.