Green Hell: How To Catch & Tame Animals

August 6, 2022
Time to find some animals and tame them in Green Hell!

Green Hell is an open-world survival where players need to survive the extreme environments of the Amazon jungle and use their skills to craft, hunt and gather resources either alone or with friends. The Animal Husbandry update of the game allows players to hunt for various animals and tame them.

This guide will tell you how to catch and tame animals in the game.

Green Hell: How To Catch & Tame Animals

In order to tame animals, you need to craft a Blowpipe with 2 Ropes and 1 Long Bamboo as well as some arrows by using 1 Fiber and 1 Bamboo Stick.

For the arrows to be usable, you will need to build a Frog Stretcher and catch a live Frog.

Put the frog on the frog stretcher and then drag the poisoned darts to the frog to get them ready.

You will unlock the blueprint for the Animal Pen by crafting a Blowpipe or Arrows.

Now you can tame animals Capybara, Peccary and Tapir in your pen

In order to tame an animal, equip your blowpipe and shoot these animals with the poisoned darts inside to put them to sleep.

Once they pass out, hold E to tie them and carry them back to your pen.

You also need to take care of these animals by feeding them and giving them water to drink.

To feed your animals, you will need to use the Feed Troughs.

The Water Troughs will be filled automatically when it rains so you don’t need to worry about giving them water during the rainy season.

You can feed your animals any plant-based food that they can eat including some additional flowers.

Feeding your animals things like Mushrooms or Bristle Nuts is a waste of feed as it doesn’t add a lot of substance to their characteristics.

The Cassava Bulb is the easiest way to fill the stomach of your hungry animals in the pen.

It’s important to feed your animal otherwise they will die in 1 to 2 days without food or water.

If you harm an animal inside the pen then all the animals inside that specific pen will lose their trust in you.

Animals slowly gain trust over time if you provide them with enough food and water to take good care of them.

If you keep their pens clean then you will be able to gain their trust faster. If you don’t keep their pens clean then they will become sick very quickly and you can remove their poison by cleaning the pen.

When an animal’s trust level is above 30, it won’t be unknown to you when you come too close to it.

After you gain 70% or above trust, you can start petting the animals in your pen.

Once you reach 90% trust, you can summon your animals by pressing E to call them.

Another thing worth noting is that as soon as your animals leave the gate of their pen, their trust levels will start dropping rapidly.

This makes the calling feature useless because as soon as they leave the pen, you won’t have the required trust to call them anymore.

As soon as you gain 95% trust with an animal, it will have the ability to reproduce and this is denoted by a baby animal icon on them. It takes around 4 in-game days for the animals to reproduce.

That’s it, now ahead and find some animals to tame in the game!