Grand Theft Auto: Can You Turn The Cursing Off?

November 11, 2022
Censoring GTA? Is that even possible?

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series have made a name for itself by pushing the boundaries and being on the edge of it as much as it can. Not only does it deal with several adult themes and controversial takes, but it is also filled to the brim with curse words. As immersing as it may be, sometimes it just gets quite tiring hearing these in-game characters shout profanity at one another constantly.

Today, we will be looking at cursing in GTA and how you can turn them off.

Can You Turn The Cursing Off? – Grand Theft Auto

Let’s get this straight out of the bat, you cannot censor GTA games. Its obscenity and violent scenes will remain that way unless you modify the game itself.

GTA is made for adults and that is just how it is.

What you can alter, however, are the curse words you may hear in-game.

You can disable or enable the profanity filter by opening the Menu while logged into a character. From there, go to Settings then Social. You should then see an option to toggle the Profanity Filter on or off.

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Turn the Profanity Filter off to censor all – if not most – of the curse words in GTA.

As for the multiplayer side of GTA, for example, GTA Online, there is no universal way to turn off curse words as you would be dealing with real-life players as well.

What you can do here is simply turn off chat entirely, both text and voice.

Take note that even with the profanity censored, GTA is still not suitable for kids to play or even watch.

Again, you would have to install mods to ultimately make GTA itself more kid-friendly.