Gotham Knights: Stop The Organ Theft

Gotham Knights is an open-world action RPG where players get to fight crime with their favorite characters from the Bat Family in the dynamic crime-filled streets of Gotham City. You must retrieve the stolen organ and return it to the right people. If any criminals get in your way, then it must be time to teach them a lesson!

This guide will show you how to stop the organ theft in Gotham Knights!

Stop The Organ Theft – Gotham Knights

During this mission, you will have to stop some criminals who stole an organ that was being transported via an ambulance.

There are many ways to proceed with this mission, you can go in and knock everyone out or retrieve the organ from under their noses.

The stolen organ is being held inside a cryogenic container keeping it fresh. You can use your scan ability to look through walls and locate it. It will be behind some alarm lasers.

The moment you pass through them, every enemy in the area will be notified so you have to be quick in grabbing it!

Upon obtaining it, you’ll have to deliver the organ to Dr. Thompkins before it expires.

Quickly get on your motorcycle and race against time to the dropsite.

Once at the drop site, you can hand over the organ to Dr. Thompkins. She will thank you for your help and take the organ off your hands.

The timer will stop and the mission will also be finished!