Gotham Knights: How to Play Robin – Tips, Abilities & Combos

October 20, 2022
Time to learn how to play robin and all of his skills in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is a great third person POV game where you play one of the given characters to protect Gotham and take over Batman’s place. During your game progression, you will have the chance to switch between heroes and see what each one does.

This guide will show you how to play robin and learn his skills in Gotham Knights.

How to Play Robin – Tips, Abilities & Combos – Gotham Knights

Robin is the youngest of them all in Gotham Knights. This hero focuses mainly on stealth attacks and stealth takedowns. He will commonly use his cloning ability to get out of a tricky situation and defeat as much enemies as possible.

His abilities in this game are:

  • Slugger (Abilities that will buff up his decoys and allow them to deal high amounts of damage)
  • Shadow (Abilities that are all about stealth, dealing extra stealth damage, and even taking more stealth takedowns. With this ability, robin will also be able to get away faster.)
  • Tinkering (Increased elemental damage, basically bigger AOE damage and the ability to stick mines to enemies that will explode.)
  • Knighthood (His ultimate ability buff up his previous spells and allow him to re-enter stealth, or even attack with more sticky pallets)

By far one of the best combinations that you can use with robin are the shadow and tinkering abilities. These two abilities combined together will allow you to deal high damage and re-enter stealth as much as you want.

By being able to re-enter stealth, you will also deal a lot of stealth takedowns, which means that enemies will get demolished quickly.