Gotham Knights: How to Mark Enemies

October 23, 2022
Check out this guide to find out how you can mark enemies in Batman Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is a brand new open world game that features many characters and content from the Batman saga. There are many mechanics and utilities that you can do if you want to become the best and remove enemies as fast as you want. Making enemies is the first step to becoming the best fighter in the game.

This guide will show you how to mark enemies in Gotham Knights.

How to Mark Enemies – Gotham Knights

Marking enemies in Gotham Knights can be done with any character you have. This mechanic will help you figure out where enemies are standing, the routes that they take when they move around, and even allow you to perform new moves on them once they are marked.

To mark an enemy, simply start aiming at them, and hold your aim for 1 second and you will have a red outline of each enemy and also be able to see where they go.

A player is able to mark as many enemies it wants. It’s mostly recommended to first mark every enemy in the area before preparing for a fight. This can allow you to move around the battlefield much better, and even perform a few silent takedowns.

And just like that, now you know how to mark enemies in Gotham Knights.