Gotham Knights: How to Beat Mecha Freeze

October 24, 2022
Want to see how you can defeat Mecha Freeze in Gotham Knights? Check out this guide!

Gotham Knights is a great open world roleplaying game where you get to play with different characters from the Batman saga and follow the story missions that are similar as to one that Batman has had. In this game, there are many monsters and bosses the you need to defeat in order to get great rewards and complete the story.

This guide will show you how to defeat Mecha Freeze in Gotham Knights.

How to Beat Mecha Freeze

Mecha Freeze is a boss in Gotham Knights and the main character here is Mr. Freeze. He now operates a giant 6 legged robot that will try to destroy you in any way possible.

The boss is strong if you don’t know how to beat it, there are a few weak spots that the boss has which you need to destroy.

To start dealing damage, you need to focus the yellow spots on the four front legs that Mecha Freeze has.

Continue to deal damage on those legs until they turn red. Make sure all 4 legs turn red and continue to damage them until they don’t glow anymore.

Turning all four legs red will cause Mehca Freeze to collapse. Continue this mechanic over and over again until you’ve finally managed to defeat Mecha Freeze.

And just like that, now you know how to defeat Mecha Freeze in Gotham Knights.