Gotham Knights: Find And Examine Marked Items

Playing as one of the members of the Bat Family in Gotham Knights, soon you’d find yourself tasked with several things in the Records Room and where you can find and examine various items to get more out of the game’s story. Thankfully, much like Batman himself, every character you can play in this game has a keen eye and good observational skills. All you need to know is where exactly to look. That is where we come in!

In this guide, we will be showing you where to look for the marked items in the Records Room section of the game.

Find And Examine Marked Items – Gotham Knights

Immediately after entering the Records Room, go up the stairs to the right and into the third cell filled with cabinets and papers from where you are.

There you should see a large chest that you can open. On the desk just within the room as well is the first item you want to examine. It is a prisoner profile for Cyrus Gold.

The next one is in the very center of the room itself. Go down the stairs to the right after exiting the cell where you found the first item and into the center of the room surrounded by file cabinets.

Once you are in the center of all the cabinets, use your character’s scan ability to highlight the item you are looking for.

It is on top of some files on the cabinet that is sticking out. Examine it to get a tick on your objectives. It is an Old Gotham Gazette Newspaper.

The third item is located on the stairs located to the right of the first stairs you went up upon entering the room.

It will lead you to a dark room filled with spider webs and dust. Use your scan ability here again to highlight the item you are looking for.

It is placed on top of a dirty old cabinet. The item is a note from the warden.

Go deeper into this room to find the next item. Again, use your scan ability to make your search more manageable.

On a wooden shelf filled with old suitcases is the item you are looking for. It is a business card for Jonathan Brindley.

That is it! Now you know where to look for the four hidden items in the Records Room. Take note that finding and examining these items do not necessarily progress your quest, it is but a bonus objective that rewards you with some XP.

That being said, finding these items adds to the lore of the story – making it worthwhile to exert effort.

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