Gotham Knights: Craft A New Melee Weapon Using The Workbench

October 21, 2022
Craft your crime fighting equipment in Gotham Knights!

Gotham Knights is an open-world action RPG where players get to fight crime with their favorite characters from the Bat Family in the dynamic crime-filled streets of Gotham City. Members of the Bat Family have countless gadgets at their disposal. Using the Workbench, they can make anything they need and even upgrade their equipment. All you have to do is obtain the necessary materials.

This guide will show you how to craft a melee weapon in Gotham Knights!

Craft A New Melee Weapon Using The Workbench – Gotham Knights

The Workbench can be found at the hub area just to the right of Alfred. It’s difficult to miss as it is a red table with loud robotic arms moving on top of it.

Interact with the Workbench and you will be brought to the crafting menu.

Here they can see blueprints they have unlocked and equipment that they are able to craft. You can craft armor and weapons to improve your character.

For now head to the Melee portion of this menu.

Currently, the only thing available to craft is the Stock Pistols. Hold down the X button to craft it. The player can craft any item in the crafting menu so long as they have the required materials for it.

As the player goes through the game, they will eventually gain access to even better blueprints to craft more lethal gear.