Gotham Knights: All 5 Secret Identity Compromised Puzzles

Gotham Knights is a great open world game that features a lot of content from the original Batman saga. Here you will not be playing as batman, you will be presented with a few characters from the Batman saga as well. Here you will also complete various missions and solve different puzzles.

This guide will show you where all 5 secret identity compromised machines are located in Gotham Knights.

All 5 Secret Identity Compromised Puzzles – Gotham Knights

#1 West End Secret Identity Compromised

This first area is located at the West End area. Here you need to jump on top of the giant Gotham building. Once there, where the marker is located, you need to watch out for the red light cameras.

Get on top of the building from the South side, go on the left side of the stairs and wait for the path to open up so you can disable the first red light camera and interact with the secret identity.

#2 West End Secret Identity Compromised

This secret identity that needs to be compromised is also located in the West End area.

Once you make it here, you need to disable 3 different security sensors that are around the small building. The last security sensor will be located in the back, as well as where the secret identity can be compromised.

#3 Southside Secret Identity Compromised

Get to the Southside area on the map. This is located at the very south point of the map. Once here, you need to enter the building from any of the air ventilations.

Once you’ve made it inside the building, look for the only red laser security area. Disable that room, enter the place and compromise the secret identity.

#4 Old Gotham Secret Identity Compromised

This secret identity compromise area will be located on the north side of Old Gotham. Get to this area marked on the image below.

When you’ve made your way at the desired location, you need to disable the red light camera that is focused on the pressure plates where the secret identity machine is located.

Once that has been disabled, you can simply go ahead and compromise the secret identity.

#5 Financial District Secret Identity Compromised

Get to the west side of the Financial District area and get to this area to compromise the last secret identity.

To get to the machine, you need to enter the building from the many entrances that are air vents. Once inside, you will need to pass a room with blinking red lasers and your road will be blocked by a red light camera.

Throw a Batarang or any other tool to break the camera and continue your way.

Once you’ve passed that area, simply continue going as the path guides you to get to the last machine where you can compromise the last secret identity and complete the mission.

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