Way Of The Hunter: Goose Location

December 1, 2022
Check out this guide to locate Goose in the gameplay!

There are missions for hunting various wild creatures in Way of the Hunter. For a really immersive hunting experience, there are dozens of exquisitely detailed animal species with realistic behavior models. In coop mode, one may experience the ideal hunting journey with buddies.

There are two sizable hunting areas, each measuring 55 square miles. As the tale unfolds, you’ll be given a task that requires you to kill geese. This guide will help you find the location of the goose in the way of the hunter.

Goose Location In Way Of The Hunter

Location to Hunt Goose

Any wide area on the map, whether it be a hayfield or a cornfield, is a good choice for goose hunting because both provide superb views of the sky.

The Cornfields, next to the Schonfeldt outpost are the ideal locations for goose hunting. 

A vast array of fields may be found about 300 meters away from the outpost.

Set up camp there, and you’ll quickly encounter some. You can kill a lot of geese in the purple area shown on the map below. 

Gear to Hunt Goose

You’ll probably need a shotgun of some kind to hunt geese.

Use either birdshot or buckshot, but not both. If you desire integrity and don’t already have Birdshot, you might wish to farm for Shotgun points.

If you don’t have birdshot, it is not worthwhile to go goose hunting. Roe Deer can be killed on Hirschfelden with a 12ga and buckshot if you don’t have shotgun points. 

Strecker SXS is the perfect option to hunt Goose.

They are effortless to take down, even with a flesh wound, and give their entire body with only one shot, yielding about 50 shotgun points per roe deer. You can have the Birdshot and the 12ga Pump after roughly two days of farming. 

You can utilize the tracer shot to check how far a shotgun fires if you have shotgun perks to get a sense of the shotgun’s range. Alternatively, you may head to the shooting range and practice there.

Additionally, you will require the Goose-Caller, which is offered under the caller area for 6000$.

Goose Activity and Hunting

Hunting Without DLC

The geese will fly around the map in circles. They’ll probably fly over vast spaces and farmland. Set up camp and keep calling; they might not respond right away; it might take 20 seconds, to 20 minutes time span. 

Goose signals should be heard since they are quite noisy. When you spot or hear a flock, speak to them frequently until they begin to split. The geese will break and land in open spaces such as fields if they are interested in doing so. 

Formed Flock

Breaking Flock

Whether you are on the ground blind or hidden in the woods, while a flock is flying ahead, make sure you are entirely out of sight.

You get the chance to snap a shot at a flock of geese that is lazing on the ground as they land. When you shoot one of them, the rest will frighten and flee into the air, giving you a nice opportunity to knock out a couple with your shotgun. 

Call in another flock since the frightened flock won’t come back once it’s in the air. Then proceed to another area and continue the same there until no more flocks are there.

How to Aim with the Shotgun

Having a steady arm is the success of shooting.
Having a steady arm is the success of shooting.

Hunting With DLC

You should definitely bring the 20GA shotgun AND the.22LR as a dual combination. This combination is so effective that you can use it to eliminate whole flocks.

Use the 20G for geese that fly above and the .22 for those who are farther away or trying to flee. If you want to use a .22 rifle, you may just conceal it alongside your decoys in plain sight rather than in a ground blind. 

Be careful when hiding, though, as geese have keen eyesight and may find you even when you’re hidden. Instead, go prone in higher grass or entirely out of sight within a shrub or tree. To lure, wait, and call, follow the same steps as when there is no DLC. Repeat the same actions.

Goose Variants

Some of the Goose Variants in the way of the hunter are Brown Hybrid, Light Grey Leucistic, Melanistic, Bald Leucistic, and so on.

In these goose variations, some of them are common, others are uncommon and some of them are rare to find.