Goose Goose Duck Tier List : Best Role To Play

December 1, 2022
Check out the Best Role To Play Tier List in Goose Goose Duck!

Goose Goose Duck is one funny and enjoyable game in which you have to work together with your geese and complete the missions successfully. Playing into two portions where one is for the impostor the duck, and the other is for the squad, you must use the ducks to eliminate the geese before completing the tasks, and to be victorious, you better know some of the best roles to play and have fun.  

This guide will show you Best Role to Play Tier List in Goose Goose Duck!

Best Role To Play – Goose Goose Duck Tier List

To win easily against the geese and other ducks in the game, you better check our tier list for the latest and best role to play in Goose Goose Duck.

Tier – S

  • Vulture
  • Morphling Duck
  • Dodo Bird

Tier – A

  • Sheriff
  • Medium
  • Canadian
  • Cannibal Duck

Tier – B

  • Silencer Duck
  • Mechanic
  • Lovers

Tier – C

  • Vigilante
  • Bounty

Tier – D

  • Technician