God Of War Ragnarok To Feature A Transmog Armor System Due To Popular Demand

November 2, 2022
Players just want the chance to style and deck out Kratos himself!

The most-anticipated game this year, God of War Ragnarok, is reportedly including a transmogrification system on Kratos’ equipable armor sets due to popular demand. While this specific feature was also discussed in 2018’s God of War game, it didn’t come to fruition until now. This new feature added even more excitement to a game that is arguably already one of the most hyped releases in recent memory.

Transmog Armor System in God of War Ragnarok

To those unfamiliar with the transmogrification system in games, it is a popular feature commonly seen in MMOs and RPGs.

It basically allows players to alter the visual appearance of an item (in this case Kratos’ armor) while still keeping its associated stats in place.

In much simpler terms, say that you found a powerful armor but don’t like the way it looks – you can now easily change its appearance to something that pleases you more while still receiving its excellent stats.

The inclusion of this highly-demanded feature was confirmed by none other than the game’s combat lead designer, Mihir Sheth, in a recent live Q&A session on the official Santa Monica Studios Discord channel.

In the Q&A, fans asked Sheth whether the upcoming game would feature the aforementioned system, to which he replied, “The short answer is yes. There is a way to do it…it’s there in the game.”

God of War Ragnarok will officially hit store shelves and the PSN shop this November 9, 2022.