God Of War Ragnarok: How To Open All Nornir Chest “Aurvangar Wetlands” Locations

There are two Nornir chests that you can find in the Aurvangar Wetlands.

Finding these chests is the easy part of the task, unlocking them is another thing altogether.

They will initially be locked with three runes which are usually found close-by.

To unlock them, you simply have to either break rocks inscribed with the runes or turn some panels in the correct order.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the Nornir chests in the Aurvangar Wetlands in God of War Ragnarok!

How To Open All Nornir Chest “Aurvangar Wetlands” Locations – God Of War Ragnarok

Chest #1

The first chest can be seen at the beginning of the Auravangar Wetlands.

It can be found to the right of the geysers. You will have to break some rocks with the runes written on them.

The first two runes can easily be spotted from the chest.

One is perched on a rock across the water while the other is directly to the right of the chest.

The last rune can be found on top of the rock cliff directly in front of the chest.

You will have to throw your axe at the geyser to freeze it and then use the blades to grapple up.

You can find the rune right next to a tree.

Chest #2

The next chest can be found on the northern part of the map.

This time, you will have to turn some panels in order show the unlocking rune.

The first panel can be seen to the right of the Nornir Chest, behind a geyser.

Hit the panel twice to get the correct rune.

The next panel can be seen from the broken bridge to your left.

Hit it twice to get the correct rune.

Return to the chest and run past it a bit, there will be a ledge you can climb and at the top will be the last panel. Hit it once for the correct rune.

Now you can return to the Nornir Chest and claim your rewards!

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