Goat Simulator: How to Unlock Robot Goat

Goat Simulator, while it isn’t one of the most competitive titles or even a serious one, is still a ton of fun. Ragdolling around in the crowded city is definitely, weirdly fun. The whole game is bizarre, but there is a touch of hidden collectibles, parts, and mutators around the map. You can even make a robot goat, and play with that. But to unlock it, you’ll have to collect all of the parts needed.

How To Unlock The Robot Goat – Goat Simulator

The whole process of making the robot goat is rather complicated I’m afraid. Plus, the way to do it is a bit bizarre and weird, as you’ll see later on.

The robot goat has some unique ‘abilities’, hence why it has been rather famous in the Goat Simulator community. The ragdoll is different with it, and it has some different and unique movements.

To unlock the robot goat in Goat Simulator, follow these steps:

  1. You’ll first need to locate G-2. You can easily get to it near GoatVille in a crane that holds a shipping container in the air. G-2 will be inside the shipping container.
  2. When you find it, attach it, and make your way to the infamous pentagram in the Rocky Mountains. Whenever you enter it, you’ll have some weirdly scary stuff happen on your screen, so it is hard to miss it.
  3. Put G-2 inside of the pentagram.
  4. Make your way to the house you started the game in. Find the yellow-walled room on the 2nd floor, and attach the Walker statue.
  5. Make your way to the pentagram and put it inside the pentagram like the G-2.
  6. Near the Starter house, you’ll find a small treehouse, inside you’ll need to get one more of those Walker statues. You can get to it with the trampoline near it.
  7. Bring the last statue to the pentagram and put it inside of it.
  8. Voila! Robot Goat.

Once you’ve brought all of the items in the pentagram some bizarre things will happen, but ultimately, you’ll get the Robot goat.

Like I said the whole process is kind of bizarre, but hey, the whole game is like that if I’m honest.

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